Applied Math PI Meet Talks

Applied Mathemetics PI Meeting Talks

Adaptive Hybrid Mesh Optimization and Refinement - Ahmed Khamayseh

Fast Algorithms for Inverse Problems for Systems Constrained by Reaction-Diffusion Equations - George Biros

Mimetic Discretizations And What They Can Do For You - Pavel Bochev

Hybrid Monte Carlo Methods for Fluid and Plasma Dynamics - Russel Caflisch

A Newton-Krylov solver for fully implicit 3D extended MHD - L. Chacón

A Local Corrections Algorithm for Solving Poisson's Equation in Three Dimensions
- Phil Colella

Fast Iterative Solution of Models of Incompressible Flow - Howard Elman

Advanced Methods for Transport Simulation - Paul Fischer

Trends in Architecture - William Gropp, for Ray Bair

Architecture Trends and Implications for Algorithms - William Gropp

Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Parameter Identification and Application to Electromagnetic Inverse Problems - Eldad Haber

Parallel Segregated Schur Complement Methods for Fluid Density Functional Theories
- Michael A. Heroux

Multiscale Coupling in Ocean and Climate Modeling - Susan Kurien

Analysis of Atomistic-to-Continuum (AtC) Coupling Methods - Rich Lehoucq,

Integer Nonlinear Optimization - Sven Leyffer

Multi-Scale Coupling in Rotating and Stratified Flows - L. Smith

Research in Continuous Optimization: Incremental, Transformational or Recycled?
- Margaret H. Wright

Recent Advances in System Solvers - Tom Manteuffel

Nonlinear Optimization and Differential Equations - Jorge Nocedal

Speeding the Training of Support Vector Machines and Solution of Quadratic Programs
- Dianne P. O'Leary

Predictive Capability in Computational Science and Engineering - William L. Oberkampf

Adaptive Control of Multiscale Modeling Error, with Applications to Large-Scale Molecular Systems - J. Tinsley Oden

Wavelet-based Spatiotemporal Multiscaling in Diffusion Problems with Chemically Reactive Boundary - Sreekanth Pannala

Multiscale Simulation of Biochemical Systems - Linda Petzold

New heuristic techniques for general mixed-integer programs - Cynthia Phillips

Panel on Next Generation Architectures - Steve Poole

Multi-scale Hydrological Data Assimilation in Layered Media - Juan M. Restrepo

Models and Computational Algorithms for Multiphase Magnetohydrodynamics
- Roman Samulyak

Mimetic Finite Difference Methods for Partial Differential Equations - Mikhail Shashkov

Inexact Krylov Subspace Methods for PDEs and Control Problems - Daniel B. Szyld

Systematic Deceleration of Fast Modes in Multi-Scale Systems - I. Timofeyev

Stochastic Multiscale Modeling of Spatially Distributed Biological Systems - Dion Vlachos

Mortar Multiscale Methods for Flow in Porous Media - Ivan Yotov