The Office of Science is a Program Office within the Department of Energy. To view the Department's organization chart, please click here.

The Office of Science is led by a Presidentially-nominated, Senate-confirmed Director and three senior career federal Deputy Directors. Please click the organization charts links below to learn more.

Mini Organization Chart

Organization Charts

Science Programs Organization

The Office of Science manages its research portfolio through six program offices:

The Science Programs organization also includes the following offices:

Field Operations Organization

The Field Operations organization includes the following offices:

The Office of Safety and Security Policy proactively leads all aspects of the Office of Science’s (SC) management and oversight of operations at each of the ten SC laboratories, promoting safe and responsible operations including worker safety and health, emergency management, safeguards and security, and quality assurance systems.

The Office of Laboratory Policy supports the Office of Science (SC) mission by facilitating the competition and performance evaluation of the SC laboratories’ management and operating contracts, and manages the SC laboratory directed research and development and work for others programs.

The Office of Operations Program Management enables the Office of Science mission by providing program management for the Infrastructure, Security, and sustainability programs at Office of Science laboratories.

The NBL Program Office is a federally-staffed Office of Science program responsible for ensuring the production, certification and distribution of nuclear reference materials for a wide variety of users. The NBL Program is the U.S. Government's certifying authority for nuclear reference materials and measurement calibration standards.

Site Offices

The Office of Science is accountable for the effective stewardship and management of ten world class laboratories, and employs a performance based management and operating contract model to achieve these objectives. Each Office of Science Site Office oversees the operation of their respective laboratory:

Integrated Support Center

The Office of Science Integrated Support Center is a virtual organization comprised of the combined support capabilities of the Chicago Office (CH) and Oak Ridge Office (OR), providing essential administrative, business, and technical services in support of the entire federal Office of Science complex.

Resource Management Organization

The following offices support the science programs and field operations offices in achieving their missions:

  • The Office of Budget manages the budget formulation and execution processes on behalf of the Director and Deputy Director for Science Programs, and ensures that financial management is applied using proper accounting controls and principles.
  • The Office of Science Communications and Public Affairs supports the mission of the Office of Science by communicating the activities and successes of the Office of Science to the public.
  • The Office of Grants and Contract Support manages and executes the financial actions that deliver funds to the field, and is the acquisition, financial assistance, and contract management advisor to the Director and Deputy Director for Science Programs.
  • The Office of Information Technology and Services provides enterprise helpdesk, desktop, email, project management, mobility, and systems development and maintenance services for Office of Science.
  • The Office of Management is the primary corporate resource for administrative management in the Office of Science with responsibility for developing organization specific policies, guidance and oversight related to resource, administrative, and program direction operations and management.
  • The Office of Scientific and Technical Information develops and maintains efficient, state-of-the-art tools for access and delivery of research results from the entire Department of Energy.
Office of the Director Deputy Director for Field Operations Deputy Director for Science Programs Deputy Director for Resource Management