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The Office of Resource Management (ORM) is the primary corporate resource for administrative management and business operations in the Office of Science (SC), with responsibility for the development of SC-wide executive policy; oversight and guidance for critical administrative management functions; and management, oversight, and execution of SC’s Program Direction (PD) Budget.


To achieve its mission and goals, ORM ensures that the Office operates efficiently and effectively, thus providing a high level of customer service and quality assurance. The Office develops and executes policies and procedures in support of a diverse and technically talented SC workforce. It serves as an expert consultant to SC senior management, SC program and support offices, and related DOE business and program offices; and performs all other functions determined by the Deputy Director for Operations that are required to support the organization to achieve mission success.

To support its mission, ORM is organized with two divisions:

  • The Business Operations Division (BOD) provides:
    • Financial management, formulation, and execution of SC’s Program Direction Budget to support the highly skilled federal workforce through financial and operational support for salaries, benefits, awards, travel, contractor support, training, overhead expenses, and the Working Capital Fund.
    • Management of business operations including SC’s travel program; training; conference registrations; temporary support services; administrative and professional support services; space management and planning; and miscellaneous administrative services (e.g., purchase cards, subscriptions, reimbursement programs, telework program).
  • Performance Management Division (PMD) provides:
    • Administration of SC’s performance management program by serving as SC’s Performance Management Liaison to the Office of Chief Human Capital Officer and advising SC managers on performance management activities (SC’s employee awards and recognition program, developing performance plans, performing mid-year and final performance reviews, and addressing employee labor relations issues.
    • Consultation on workforce and administrative management activities, including management of SC’s leadership development programs and correspondence control.

The Office serves as an expert consultant to SC senior management, SC program and support offices, and related DOE business and program offices. If you need additional information or have questions concerning these programs, please feel free to contact us.