Performance Management Division

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Performance Management Division

Performance Management Division

We administer and advise on the systematic process by which the Office of Science involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness against the accomplishment of agency mission and goals. This process involves management in planning work and setting expectations; continually monitoring performance; developing employees’ capacity to perform; rating performance on a regular basis and rewarding good performance.

Leadership Development Training

We administer the Leadership Development Training Program for the Office of Science Headquarters components, working with leadership to assess the training and developmental needs of staff and providing information on current course offerings and leadership development opportunities. Also tracks and facilitates training requirements accessed via the Learning Nucleus.

Administrative Services

We provide guidance and assistance in the following areas: managing SC’s awards and recognition program, serving as resource manager for executive and non-recruit actions; managing the SC Position Descriptions Library and serving as an expert consultant to SC Senior management.

SC Correspondence Control Center (SC-CCC)

The Office of Science Correspondence Control Center (SC-CCC) is dedicated to responsive, timely customer service and providing the highest quality correspondence control to the Office of Science (SC). They are responsible for the tracking, processing, and records management of all SC correspondence. In addition, the SC-CCC establishes procedures for the management, coordination, and disposition of all SC correspondence.