The Office of Management

The Office of Management (OM) is the primary corporate resource for administrative management and business operations in the Office of Science (SC), with responsibility for the development of SC-wide executive policy; oversight and guidance for critical administrative management functions; and management, oversight, and execution of SC’s Program Direction (PD) Budget.

To achieve its mission and goals, OM ensures that the Office operates efficiently and effectively, thus providing a high level of customer service and quality assurance. The Office develops and executes policies and procedures in support of a diverse and technically talented SC workforce. It serves as an expert consultant to SC senior management, SC program and support offices, and related DOE business and program offices; and performs all other functions determined by the Principal Deputy Director that are required to support the organization to achieve mission success.

The Office of Management is comprised of the following:

Business Operations Division

  • Manages the budget in support of federal salaries and services that directly assist career staff in executing their responsibilities. SCPD plans, formulates, justifies, executes, tracks and oversees the Office of SC Program Direction budget for Headquarters and the Field.
  • Serves as the principal SC-wide point of contact with other DOE staff organizations when representing the program direction budget needs of SC to the Department, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Congress.
  • Ensures that funding is managed, monitored, and available for all Federal employee salaries and support costs; manages the SC workforce Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) and associated funds utilization against FTE ceiling; and provides consultation and analysis to the SC-Headquarters Change Control Board (CCB).
  • Serves as the SC representative on the Working Capital Fund (WCF) Board and monitors SC WCF expenditures
  • Manages funding for the Professional Liability Insurance, SEET, and MEDEX programs;
  • Serves as a government purchase card holder for SCPD funds;
  • Monitors and certifies funds availability of SC-Headquarters supply store purchases.
  • Provides oversight for the SC Travel Office at Headquarters and manages the Federal and Advisory Committee travel budgets.

Performance Management Division

  • Manages performance management program for SC. Provides advice, analyses, and operational support for all SC organizations relating to personnel performance standards and appraisals. Ensures performance standards and appraisals are coordinated and processed accordingly.
  • Serves as the SC-wide electronic performance appraisal system Coordinator managing the internal use of that system. Oversees issue resolution requests and communication of modifications and changes to the system.
  • Provides ongoing oversight and support to ensure that performance measures are being used to effectively manage operations, identify and manage risks, and effect organizational change.
  • Manages the employee awards and recognition program for SC, ensuring compliance with DOE policy and regulations. This includes coordination and processing of Departmental and non-Departmental awards, the Secretary’s Honors Awards, and end-of-year performance bonuses.
  • Oversees the Leadership Development Program. Provides overarching coordination, guidance, and tracking. Leading communications about the Leadership Development opportunities; announce the program, the process, and the number of slots available to SC employees.
  • Manages the Correspondence Control Center for SC (SC CCC) and is responsible for coordinating, managing, and providing a variety of administrative support functions that relate directly to the functions of document tracking, correspondence processing, and electronic records management.