DOE-NP SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting
August 9-10 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Presentation / Title Speaker Organization
Welcome and Opening Remarks Timothy J. Hallman DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
Introductory Remarks Farkhondeh, Manouchehr DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
NP SBIR/STTR Program Overview Shinn, Michelle DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
100W Mode-locked Green Laser for GaAs Photoemission Guns Geng, Jihong AdValue Photonics Inc., AZ
Templated Micro-Channel Thermal Control System Kimble, Michael Reactive Innovations, LLC, MA
Coffee Break
Acid-Free Electropolishing of SRF Cavities Taylor, E. Jennings Faraday Technology, Inc. OH
NP Low Energy Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Bollen, Georg FRIB/MSU
Liquid Metal Targets for High Power Electron Beams Grimm, Terry Niowave, Inc. MI
Diamond sensor for the neutron electric dipole moment experiment Hovde, David Southwest Sciences, Inc., NM
Lunch Break (on your own)
Solid-State Neutron Detectors with Integrated Electronics for Nuclear Physics Christian, James Radiation Monitoring Device, Inc. 
The RHIC Facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Minty, Michiko BNL
Low Z Thin Film Stripper Foils, Targets and X-Ray Windows  Kumar, Nalin UHV technologies, Inc. TX
Micro Penning Traps for Continuous Magnetic Field Monitoring in High Radiation Environments Dugan, Mark Translume, Inc. CA
Thermo-Mechanically Stable Tungsten Powders as Solid Catchers for the Fast Release of Stopped Rare Isotopes Sampathkumaran, Uma InnoSense, LLC CA
Coffee Break
Development of a Nanomaterial Anode for a Low Voltage Proportional Counter for Neutron Detection Craps, Matthew NanoTechLabs, Inc. NC
Nb-on-Cu Cavities for 700-1500 MHz SRF Accelerators Velas, Katherine Alameda Applied Sciences Co. CA
Development of a Superconducting RF Harmonic Cavity for eRHIC Boulware, Charles Niowave, MI
Informal discussion on challenges and best practices for commercialization

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Presentation / Title Speaker Organization
Non-Invasive Beam Monitor, Fast Kicker, Bunch Shaper Roberts, Brock Electrodynamic
Radiation resistant magnetic field sensor II Geist, Brian Microxact Inc., VA
Low Cost, High-Density Digital Electronics for Nuclear Physics Skulski, Wojciech Skutek Instrumentation, NY
Digital Silicon Photomultiplier Array Readout Integrated Circuits Lee, Adam Voxtel, Inc., Beaverton, OR
Polyhedral User Mapping Assistant and Visualizer (PUMA-V)  Langston, Harper Reservoir Labs, NY
Coffee Break
Jefferson Lab and its SBIR/STTR Program Weisenberger, Drew JLab
Low-Latency Ultra-High Capacity Holographic Data Storage Archive Library Anderson, Ken Akonia Holographics, LLC., CO
GaAsSb/AlGaAsP Superlattice Polarized Electron Source Chen, Yiqiao SVT Associates, MN
Lunch Break (on your own)
Modular Planar Germanium Detector Systems for High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Tracking Arrays Hull, Ethan PHDs Co.,  Knoxville, TN
DOE Isotope Program and Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Cutler, Cathy BNL
Ferroelectric Based High Power Components for L-Band Accelerator Applications Kanareykin, Alex Euclid Techlabs, LLC, Solon, OH
Coffee Break
Digital SQUID Magnetometers for Read-out of Detectors and Magnetic Particles Radparvar, Masoud Hypres, Inc., Elmsford, NY
Update on the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR Program, Q/A O'Gwin, Chris DOE SBIR/STTR Office