2023 Accelerator R&D and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Principal Investigator Exchange Meetings

2023 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Principal Investigator Exchange Meeting
December 5, 2023

Principal Inv.


R&D Area

Presentation Title


  DOE NP   Introductory Remarks Mantica
NP supported AI/ML Farkhondeh
Lawrence, David TJNAF Detectors AI Assisted Experiment Control and Calibration Lawrence
Tennant, Christopher TJNAF Accelerators AI for improved SRF Operation at CEBAF Tennant
Mustapha, Brahim ANL Accelerator Use of Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Accelerator Operation Mustapha
Liu, Ming Xiong
Roland, Gunther
Yu, Dantong
Tran, Nhan
Detectors Intelligent experiments through real-time AI: Fast Data Processing and Autonomous Detector Control for sPHENIX and future EIC detectors Liu
Gruszko, Julieta UNC Detectors Deep Learning for Germanium-Based Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches Gruszko
Crawford, Heather LBNL Accelerator Machine Learning Optimization Upstream and Downstream of the Accelerator: The Cases of VENUS and GRETA Crawford /Todd
Arratia, Miguel
Nachman, Benjamin
Angerami, Aaron
UC, Riverside
Detectors AI-driven detector design for the EIC Arratia
Hoffman, Calem ANL- ATLAS Accelerator Autonomous Optimization of the Secondary Beam Production and Delivery at the ATLAS In-Flight Facility Hoffman
Carpenter, Michael ANL- ATLAS Detectors Modern Data Analytics for the Large Gamma-Ray Spectrometers: GRETINA/GRETA and Gammasphere via Machine Learning and Optimization Carpenter
Closing Remarks

2023 NP Accelerator R&D Principal Investigator Exchange Meeting December 7, 2023

DOE NP   Introductory Remarks Mantica
  DOE NP   NP Supported Accelerator R&D and AI/ML Farkhondeh
Marsillac, Sylvain
Poelker, Matthew
Wang, Erdong
Polarized Sources Enhancing the Design of Photocathodes with 90% polarization and QE > 1% for DOE NP Marsillac
Bazarov, Ivan Cornell Electron Sources High current sources for spin polarized and un-polarized electron beams Andorf/ Bazarov
Kelly, Michael
Kutsaev, Sergey
Posen, Sam
SRF A Practical Niobium-Tin Cavity for the ATLAS Superconducting Linac Kelly
Dan Xie LBNL-88 inch Next Gen Ion source Development of a MARS superconducting cold mass for future generations of ECRIS Ferracin
Powers, Tom TJNAF Plasma Processing In Situ Plasma Processing of Superconducting Cavities Powers
Saito, Kenji MSU SRF Cryomodules Development of Transformative Preparation Methods to Push up High Q&G Performance of FRIB Spare HWR Cryomodule Cavities Saito
Okamura, Masahiro BNL Laser Ion Source Development of high current highly charged laser ion source Okamura
Qiang, Ji LBNL
Beam dynamics modeling Advanced Modeling of Beam Physics and Performance Optimization for Nuclear Physics Colliders Qiang
Jordan, Kevin TJNAF RF sources 1497 MHz Vertical Slice Test of Magnetron & Superconducting Cavity Jordan
Ringle, Ryan MSU Gas Stoppers Gas Stopper Developments for Improved Purity and Intensity of Low-Energy, Rare Isotope Ion Beams Ringle
Hernandez-Garcia, Carlos TJNAF Electron Sources High Voltage Insulators and Electrodes for 500 kV DC High Voltage Photogun with Inverted Insulator Design Palacios-Serrano