Quantum Information Science (QIS)

The Office of Nuclear Physics (NP) supports experimental and theoretical research in three broad areas with deep connections to QIS: 1) Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), 2) Nuclei and Nuclear Astrophysics, and 3) Fundamental Symmetries.

A report by an NSAC QIS Subcommittee provides an assessment of the potential benefits of QIS on NP research and of contributions that NP research can make to QIS:Nuclear Physics and Quantum Information Science(October 2019). That report drew on community input including an Institute for Nuclear Theory Report 18-008 (2018): Quantum Computing for Theoretical Nuclear Physics and a whitepaper from the Intersections between Nuclear Physics and Quantum Information workshop held at Argonne National Laboratory in March, 2018.

In FY2018, NP solicited QIS related proposals through the open FOA pursuant to the Dear Colleague Letter and supported five awards on the topics of quantum computing, quantum simulators, quantum sensors, nuclear clocks, and the effect of natural radioactivity on qubit coherence times. In FY2019, NP supported QIS proposals through a dedicated FOA: “FY 2019 Quantum Horizons: QIS Research and Innovation for Nuclear Science” (DE-FOA-0002110).

SC Statement on Quantum Information Science

The Office of Science discusses the emerging and cross-cutting field of Quantum Information Science (QIS) in a Dear Colleague Letter here.

SC Quantum Information Science Initiative

Discover Office of Science quantum information science activities that span multiple program offices here.

Current and Past Funding Opportunities

All current and past NP funding opportunities can be found here.

Award Lists and Abstracts

FY 2018: combined list of awards and abstracts.


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