SBIR STTR Exchange Mtg 2011 Presentations

October 24
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
Welcome and Introductory Remarks Tim Hallman/Jehanne Gillo DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
NP SBIR/STTR Program Overview Manouchehr Farkhondeh DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
The development of an Inexpensive Compact Neutron Generator for Gamma Calibration and Other Applications Melvin Arthur Piestrup Adelphi Technology, Inc.
Cryogenic CMOS Avalanche Diodes for Nuclear Physics Research Erik Johnson Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Computational Models of Germanium Point Contact Detectors Paul J. Mullowney Tech-X Corporation
Fast, Low Noise Photodetectors for Nuclear Physics Kanai Shah/Mickel McClish Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
RHIC Facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Wolfram Fischer Brookhaven National Laboratory
Multi-Cavity Proton Cyclotron Accelerator Jay Hirshfield/Michael LaPointe Omega P, Inc.
The Orbiter Project Service Oriented Architecture Web service Components and Applications Mark L. Green Tech-X Corporation
Development of 500 MHz Multi-Channel Readout Electronics for Fast Radiation Detectors Wolfgang Hennig/Konstantin Sabourov Xia, LLC
CMOS Solid State Photomultipliers for High Energy Resoulution Calorimeters Erik Johnson Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Energetic Condensation Growth of Thin Films for Future SRF Accelerator Mahadevan Krishnan Alameda Applied Sciences Corp.
Integrated Multiple Effects Software for Nuclear Physics Applications David N. Smithe Tech-X Corporation
Development of SRF Multi Spoke Cavities for Electron Linacs Terry Grimm Niowave, Inc.
TJNAF facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Charlie Reece Thomas Jefferson Nat. Acceler. Facility
Designing a Coherent Electron Colling System for High Energy Hadron Colliders David L. Bruhwiler Tech-x Corporation
New Detector for Gamma Ray and Neutron Studies Kanai Shah/Mickel McClish Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Magnetometer for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment David Christian Hovde Southwest Sciences, Inc.
October 25
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
Compact and Efficient Cold and Thermal Neutron Collimators W. Bruce Feller NOVA Scientific, Inc.
Advanced SQUID Sensors and Readout Electronics in Support of the nEDM Experiment and Commerical Applications Robin Harold Cantor Star Cryoelectronics, Llc
Charged Fluid Centrifuge Separators Alfred Y. Wong Nonlinear Ion Dynamics, LLC
NP Isotope Program and Facilities and the SBIR Program Robert Atcher National Isotope Development Center
High Purity Germanium Crystals for Low Background Counting Arrays Ethan Hull PHDs Co.
An Approach to Chemical Free Surface Processing for High Gradient Superconducting RF Cavities Frederick Mako FM Technologies, Inc.
Phase and Frequency Locked Magnetrons for SRF Sources Michael Neubauer Muons, Inc.
Status of the 8 kW Power Amplitier for CEBAF Nikolai Barov FAR-TECH, Inc.
Development of a Tunable 28 MHz Superconducting RF Cavity for RHIC Terry L. Grimm Niowave, Inc.
High Fidelity Modulator Simulations of Coherent Electron Cooling Systems David L. Bruhwiler Tech-X Corporation
Charged Particle Induced damage and Recovery of Photocathodes Employed as Nuclear Physics Injector Sources Gregory Mulhollan Saxet Surface Science
NP Low Energy Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program David Radford Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Fast Data Acquisition Electronics: TDCs, ADCs and FPGAs Lloyd W. Bridges Blue Sky Electronics, LLC
Segmented Rectifying and Blocking Contacts on Germanium Planar Detectors Ethan Hull PHDs Co.
Graphene Stripper Foil Igor Pavlovsky Applied Nanotech, Inc.