ASCR Program Documents Archive

Getting Up to Speed - The Future of Supercomputing
A report by the National Research Council. The DOE's Office of Science commissioned the sponsoring of this study that would assess the state of U.S. supercomputing capabilities and relevant research development.

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Opportunities for Discovery: Theory and Computation in Basic Energy Sciences
BES advisory subcommittee on Theory and Computation)
The Subcommittee was charged with identifying opportunities for theoretical research within the scientific mission of BES.

Grand Challenges: Science, Engineering, and Societal Advances Requiring Networking and Information Technology Research and Development

A report by the Interagency Working Group on Information Technology Research and Development.

Advanced Foundations for American Innovation

Fiscal Year 2004 Blue Book, Networking and Information Technology Research and Development, Supplement to the President's Budget, 2004.

A Science-Based Case for Large-Scale Simulation (SCALES)
The workshop was held in Arlington, VA, on June 24, 2003 through June 25, 2003. The workshop was a major activity in an on-going process of demonstrating the need for new ultrascale computing facilities for Office of Science missions. Posted: July 2003

DOE Science Networking Challenge: Roadmap to 2008
Report of the DOE Science Networking Workshop conducted by the Energy Sciences Network Steering Committee at the request of the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research of the U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Science.

High-Performance Networks for High-Impact Science

Report of the High-Performance Network Planning Workshop

Theory and Modeling in Nanoscience

Report of the May 10-11, 2002, Workshop conducted by the Basic Energy Sciences and Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committees to the Office of Science, Department of Energy.

Genomes to Life:Biological Solutions for Energy Challenges
U.S. Dept. of Energy Innovative Approaches Along Unconventional Paths. Report on the Computational Infrastructure Workshop for the Genomes to Life Program. U.S. Dept. of Energy, Gaithersburg, MD, January 22-23, 2002. Prepared by the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research and Office of Biological and Environmental Research

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