AI and ML Roundtable

Institution Presentation Title Speaker
DOE NP Introduction Manouchehr Farkhondeh
TJNAF AI at Jefferson Lab Chris Tennant
ODU Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for (Real-Time) SRF Cavity Fault Detection and Classification Lasitha Vidyaratne / Khan Iftekharuddin
MSU/FRIB Towards AI enabled high-power heavy ion facility with confidence Steve Lidia
ANL-ATLAS Opportunities for ML/AI at ATLAS Clay Dickerson
ANL Potential ML/AI Applications for Accelerator Design & Simulation Brahim Mustapha
LBNL/88-inch Superconducting ECR ion sources: an untapped application of artificial intelligence and its superhuman patience Damon Todd
BNL-RHIC Machine Learning Efforts within BNL C-AD Controls Group Philip Dyer – presentation not available
TAMU Utilizing ML/AI to optimize the day to day operations of the Cyclotron Institute's accelerator facilities Robert Burch – presentation not available
  Machine Learning—Examples from Particle Accelerators Ying Wu