National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

All DOE SBIR/STTR grant projects requiring high performance computing support are eligible to apply to use DOE NERSC resources.  NERSC is the primary scientific computing facility for the DOE.  Its systems are reliable, secure, and provide a state-of-the-art scientific development environment with the tools needed by its diverse community of users.  NERSC offers its users intellectual services that empower them to be more effective researchers. That is, many NERSC consultants that support users are domain scientists in areas such as material sciences, physics, chemistry, and other technical disciplines and are well-equipped to help SBIR/STTR researchers apply computational resources to specialized science problems.

If you think you will need use the computing capabilities of NERSC, you must prepare and submit a Request to use NERSC resources via a web form known as the ERCAP (Energy Research Computing Allocations Process) Request Form.  ERCAP is accessed through the NERSC Information Management (NIM) web portal.  You may learn more about NERSC and apply for a NERSC allocation at