Dr. Manny Oliver
Phone: 301-903-0309

Manny manages the DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office and coordinates with the DOE programs offices that participate in the SBIR & STTR programs.  He is primarily responsible for improving both the operations of the program to be more efficient and effective and for ensuring that the program outcomes address both the statutory purpose of the SBIR & STTR programs and the mission of the Department of Energy.  He welcomes your feedback on experience with the programs and suggestions on how to improve their operation and outcomes.

Program Coordinator
Carl Hebron
Phone: 301-903-1414

Carl coordinates the day to day operations of the SBIR/STTR programs.  If administrative issues arise related to letter of intent, applications, or grants, please direct your questions to Carl.  Please note that technical questions relating to topics should be directed to the DOE program managers listed in our Topics document.     

Outreach And Assistance Program Manager 
Chris O'Gwin
Phone: 301-903-5713

Chris manages the DOE Phase 0 Outreach and Assistance program and coordinates our outreach efforts at state, regional and national conferences.  The Phase 0 program offers specialized Phase I proposal preparation and review assistance to eligible applicants from underrepresented groups and states.  To learn more about the Phase 0 program, determine eligibility, and to submit an application for Phase 0 assistance, visit our website at  Please direct invitations to speak at SBIR/STTR events and any questions about the Phase 0 program to Chris.

Commercialization Program Manager
Claudia Cantoni
Phone: 301-903-1866

Claudia manages the DOE SBIR/STTR Commercialization Assistance Program and the new Phase I PI meetings. She is responsible for evaluating and reporting awardees’ commercialization outcomes and successes.  If you have questions about commercialization assistance or would like to offer feedback on the Commercialization Assistance Program, please contact Claudia.  In addition, she may contact you to inquire about commercialization success resulting from past SBIR or STTR awards. You can also contact Claudia directly if you have success stories that you wish to report. 

Program Support
Zina Alyoussif
Phone: 301-903-1122

Zina provides our staff with program support to include data collection, analysis and review; preparation and submission of SBIR/STTR reports; SBIR/STTR communications (email, Twitter); and webinar support. Please direct any questions about SBIR/STTR communications or webinars to Zina

Brandy Greenawalt - (Contractor)
Central Programs Operations Number - 301-903-5707

Brandy manages our support team.  She or her staff may contact you with specific questions about your letter of intent or applications.  Please respond as quickly as possible to allow us to process your application on schedule. Our support team is also available to answer any questions you have about applying to DOE SBIR/STTR programs, e.g., “What is the level of effort requirement, and how do I calculate it?”