Preparing a DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Grant Application

The DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Grant Application guide contains step-by-step instructions, sample completed forms, tutorials and a host of other useful information for preparing the required forms for a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I Grants. Highlights of our application guidance and associated links are provided. 

Additionally download the DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Application Requirements Checklist

Step-by-Step SBIR/STTR Grant Application 
Small business applicants will find step-by-step instructions here for completing each section of an SBIR/STTR Phase I Grant application, along with sample documents, templates and tips to assist with the application process. 

DOE SBIR Phase I Application Tutorials
The Phase I Application Tutorials are available to help Small Businesses understand SBIR/STTR eligibility requirements, program complexities, and ultimately, how to prepare, organize and submit a Phase I proposal in response to a DOE SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). The tutorials are broken down into small pieces and grouped by category.

Preparing and Submitting a Letter of Intent
A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document that you submit in advance of your Phase I and Phase II/IIA/IIB/IIC application to the DOE SBIR/STTR programs. It contains important information about your application, such as a technical abstract, that will assist DOE in identifying reviewers in advance of receiving your application.

Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research (PIER) Plan
In accordance with Office of Science requirements, DOE SBIR/STTR Programs now require that applicants submit a plan for Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research, or PIER Plan, along with their Phase I and Phase II applications.  

Foreign Relationships Disclosure Form
The SBIR/STTR Extension Act of 2022 requires each small business concern to disclose ties to
foreign relationships with its DOE SBIR/STTR application.

Essential System Registrations
There are four essential registrations that small businesses must complete to apply for an SBIR or STTR award.  These registrations must be completed BEFORE the application can be submitted, and in certain instances the process can be lengthy, so it is crucial to begin these registrations as soon as possible.

Protecting your Trade Secrets, Commercial, and Financial Information
An application may include technical data and other data, including trade secrets and commercial or financial information that are privileged or confidential, which the applicant does not want disclosed to the public or used by the Government for any purpose other than application evaluation. Examples of documents that may contain proprietary information include the commercialization plan and the project narrative.

Requirements and Guidance for Digital Data Management
Here you will find guidance and requirements specific to the SBIR/STTR Program Office regarding the submission of Data Management Plans. 

Level of Effort and Max Funding Worksheet
Instructions, blank worksheet and sample calculations