2024 Nuclear Theory Topical Collaborations Principal Investigator Exchange Meeting

May 2, 2024
Sponsored by the Department of Energy
Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Nuclear Physics (NP) program organized a one day in-person information exchange meeting between the Principal Investigators with active award supported by NP and the NP Federal Program Managers. A total of eighteen PI talks were presented. All PIs were scheduled to present talks describing progresses and accomplishments of work funded by NP under FY 2022 funding opportunity announcement FY2022 FOA (DE-FOA-0002643, “Topical Collaborations in Nuclear Theory”. 


Time Title Speaker Speaker
8:30 AM — 8:40 AM  Welcome and introduction  Xiaofeng Guo and Keith Jankowski  DOE
8:40 AM — 9:10 AM  HEFTY for QCD Matter: Overview and HF Transport in Medium  Ralf Rapp  Texas A&M University 
9:10 AM — 9:25 AM  HEFTY Ethics and Heavy Flavor in Small Systems  Ramona Vogt  Lawrence Livermore National Lab 
9:25 AM — 9:40 AM  HEFTY Collaborative Efforts and Heavy-Flavor in Equilibrium Matter  Peter Petreczky  Brookhaven National Lab 
9:40 AM — 10:10 AM  SURGE Overview and Progress status  Bjoern Schenke  Brookhaven National Lab 
10:10 AM — 10:35 AM  Break     
10:35 AM — 10:50 AM  TMD factorization bridging large and small x  Shaswat Tiwari  North Carolina State University 
10:50 AM — 11:05 AM  Transverse Energy-Energy Correlators in the Color-Glass Condensate at the EIC  Jani Penttala  University of California, Los Angeles 
11:05 AM — 11:20 AM  Global analysis of polarized DIS & SIDIS data with improved small-x helicity evolution  Nicholas Baldonado  New Mexico State University 
11:20 AM — 11:50 AM ExoHad Overview and Status  Eric Swanson  University of Pittsburgh 
11:50 AM — 12:05 PM  Progress in understanding of hadron resonances including exotics from QCD  Raul Briceno  University of California, Berkeley 
12:05 PM — 1:35 PM  Lunch     
1:35 PM — 1:50 PM  Progress in amplitude analysis for hadron spectroscopy  Arkaitz Rodas  Old Dominion Unversity 
1:50 PM — 2:20 PM  Quark-Gluon Tomography Collaboration: An Overview of Objectives and Accomplishments  Martha Constantinou  Temple University 
2:20 PM — 2:35 PM  Phenomenology/Global Analysis Highlights and Future Prospect  Ian Cloët  Argonne National Lab 
2:35 PM — 2:50 PM  Lattice QCD Highlights and Future Prospects  David Richards  Jefferson Lab 
2:50 PM — 3:15 PM  Break     
3:15 PM — 3:30 PM  Theory Highlights and Future Prospects  Feng Yuan  Berkeley National Lab 
3:30 PM — 4:00 PM  NTNP Overview and Progress   Vincenzo Cirigliano  University of Washington  
4:00 PM — 4:15 PM  Radiative corrections to beta decays in EFT  Emanuele Mereghetti  Los Alamos National Lab 
4:15 PM — 4:30 PM  Ab initio calculations of lepton-nucleus scattering  Saori Pastore Washington University in St. Louis 
4:30 PM — 4:45 PM  Lattice QCD, precision beta decay and nu-N scattering  Andre’ Walker-Loud  Berkeley National Lab 
4:45 PM — 4:50 PM  Closing