May 2001

The May 2-3, 2001, Advisory Committee Meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 14th & K Streets, Washington, DC.

 •  Agenda
 •  Minutes
 •  Presentations:
  1. Office of Science Update
    James F. Decker, Acting Director, Office of Science
  2. MICS Facilities
    Walt Polansky, Acting Director, MICS Division, Office of Science
  3. NERSC
    Horst Simon, NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  4. (1,464 KB)

  5. Computational Needs and Challenges in the Age of Genome-Scale Biology
    Ari Patrinos and Dan Drell, Biological and Environmental Research, Office of Science
  6. Biotechnology
    Mike Knotek, Consultant, Tucson, AZ
  7. Advanced Computational and Modeling Needs in Biological Sciences
    Mike Colvin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  8. Computing Facilities at Argonne
    Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory
  9. Center for Computational Sciences Advanced Scientific Computing at ORNL
    Thomas Zacharia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  10. R&D in the President's FY 2002 Budget
    Michael Holland, Office of Management & Budget
  11. An ESnet Project Overview
    James Leighton, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  12. Report on "Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing"
    Steve Eckstrand, Office of Science