November 2000

The first ASCAC meeting was October 31-November 1, 2000 at the Key Bridge Marriott, 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA.

 •  Agenda
 •  Minutes
 •  Presentations:
  1. Office of Science Overview
    James Decker, SC-2
  2. Advanced Scientific Computing Research Advisory Committee Overview and ASCR Overview
    Ed Oliver, SC-30
  3. High Energy & Nuclear Physics Computing
    Victoria White, SC-20
  4. Biological & Environmental Research Computing
    Dave Bader, SC-74
  5. Basic Energy Sciences Computing
    Dale Koelling, SC-10
  6. Mathematical, Information, and Computational Sciences Overview
    Dan Hitchcock, SC-31
  7. Bridging Gaps - The Role of Computer Science in Scientific Computing
    David Greenberg, Center for Computing Sciences
  8. Grid Computing Research
    Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory
  9. High Resolution Adaptive Methods for Complex Flows
    Marsha Berger, Courant Institute, New York University
  10. Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing
    Thom Dunning, SC-1