High Performance Networks for Distributed Petascale Science

The purpose of the web page is to disseminate information regarding the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) 2008 Next-Generation Networks for Science Program solicitation for high-performance networks to support distributed petascale science. Please read the information provided in this webpage carefully and check back to this page often for updated and additional information.

University Announcement: http://www.science.doe.gov/grants/FAPN08-27.html
Lab Announcement: http://www.science.doe.gov/grants/LAB08_27.html

This solicitation should not be confused with the Office of Science Annual Notice for unsolicited proposals, DE-PS02-08ER08-01 for new grants or DE-PS02-08ER08-02 for renewals. For general information on DOE Office of Science funding opportunities, including information for preparing and submitting applications, see the Office of Science Grants and Contracts Web Site.

Letter of Intent

All applicants interested in responding to the grant opportunity DE-PS02-08ER08-27 are required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). A template in Microsoft Word format for preparing and submitting the Letter of Intent described in the grant opportunity notice DE-PS02-08ER08-27 can be found at this link: Microsoft Word LOI Template. Submitters are strongly encouraged to use this form for their LOI submission. LOI should be submitted to network_research@ascr.doe.gov

Deadline for LOI submission was October 31, 2008 5:00P.M. EST

Applicants should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to submit a proposal. A response to a LOI encouraging or discouraging formal applications will be communicated to all applicants. Applicants who do not receive a response regarding the status of their LOI are responsible for contacting the program to determine their status. Formal applications will be considered only from those encouraged to submit a formal application in response to their LOI. No other formal applications will be considered. Be advised, email correspondence may be blocked by SPAM and/or junk-mail filters. Please check accordingly before contacting ASCR. Again, the LOI should be submitted to the following email address: network_research@ascr.doe.gov

Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting Multi-Institutional Formal Grant Applications

Guidelines for preparing and submitting grant application applications involving two or more private sector organizations, academic institutions, National Laboratories, and Federal Agencies that meet DOE and Office of Science requirements for financial assistance can be found at: Multi-Institutional Submissions