Advanced Computing Technology

ASCR Advanced Computing Technology supports research focused on the development of emerging computing technologies such as quantum information systems (QIS) and neuromorphic efforts as well as investments in microelectronics in partnership with the other Office of Science program offices, the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Research and Evaluation Prototypes (REP), and ASCR-specific investments in cybersecurity.

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) has developed exascale-ready applications and solutions that address currently intractable problems of strategic importance and national interest; created an expanded and vertically-integrated software stack now deployed on DOE HPC pre-exascale and exascale systems; and delivered U.S. HPC vendor technology advances essential to the development of DOE HPC pre-exascale, exascale, and post-exascale systems.  More information can be found at the ECP website.

Research and Evaluation Prototypes (REP) has a long history of partnering with U.S. vendors to develop future computing technologies and testbeds that push the state-of-the-art and enable DOE researchers to better understand the challenges and capabilities of emerging technologies.

In addition, ASCR supports investments in the National Quantum Information Science Research Centers, QIS infrastructure for the research community through access to commercial quantum computers, and quantum computing and quantum internet testbeds.

ASCR Funding

Award abstracts and information about awards made prior to FY2018 can be found here.

ASCR Workshops and Reports

Workshop and reports completed prior to FY2018 can be found here.

Other Notable Reports

Advanced Computing Technology Program Managers:

Christine Chalk
Exascale Computing Project

Marco Fornari
Quantum Computing and QSA Center

Kalyan Perumalla
Quantum Testbeds and QSC Center

Robinson Pino
Research and Evaluation Prototypes