Quantum Information Science (QIS)

Image courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory
Semiconductor quantum rings are illuminated by a laser and emitting single photons.

Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) supports fundamental research for public benefit in quantum computing and networking relevant to DOE’s science and energy mission. Research opportunities were identified in ASCR reports including those from the DOE ASCR Workshop on Quantum Computing for Science, ASCR Workshop on Quantum Computing Testbeds for Science, Quantum Networks for Open Science, A Quantum Path Forward, and more recently the ASCR Basic Research Needs in Quantum Computing and Networking. ASCR’s workshop reports can be found here and other relevant information is available at the National Quantum Initiative website.

ASCR issued its first funding opportunities in quantum information science (QIS) in FY 2017, with additional calls in subsequent years. The awards span quantum algorithms, software stack, and networks and range in size from single investigators to large teams at multiple institutions. In addition, ASCR supports QIS infrastructure for the research community through the Quantum Testbeds program.

ASCR Funding

Award abstracts and information about awards made prior to FY2018 can be found here.

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Quantum Testbeds and Centers

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Quantum Computing

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