Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting Multi Institutional Applications

  1. Introduction
    This web page describes the guidelines for preparing and submitting a multi-institution grant application involving one or more private sector organizations, academic institutions, National Laboratories, and Federal Agencies that meet DOE and Office of Science requirements for financial assistance. Potential institutions intending to develop multi-institutional applications should first designate a lead PI/institution that will coordinate the development of the application and the execution and management of proposed research effort if the application is funded.

    Although there are several methods of handling multi-institution applications, the preferred method is for the lead PI/organization and participating Co-PIs/Institutions to submit identical self-contained grant application directly to or other designated web sites described in the announcement.

  2. Multi-Institution Application Documents
    A multi-institutional application, which is expected to be assembled by a designated lead PI/Institution, will be a complete document containing all the relevant information and documents required by the announcement and necessary to describe the proposed research effort. A List of documents and checklist required for multi-institution applications can be found in the recommended, sample Table of Content . The complete grant application should contain the following major components:

  3. The technical narrative of the proposed research clearly describing the role and scope of work to be performed by each participating institution.

  4. Separate official budget pages and budget justification for each participating institution as described in the announcement using the official format.

  5. The CVs of participating PIs and co-PIs organized by participating intuitions.

  6. A list of active and pending projects of all participating PIs.

    The above information and documents will enable DOE to issue separate awards to each member of the multi-institution collaborative effort if the submission is favorably peer-reviewed and selected for funding.

  7. Roles and Responsibilities of Participating PIs/Organizations
    The roles and responsibilities of the lead PI and co-PIs are defined as follows:

  8. Lead PI/Institution - The lead PI will be responsible for collecting and assembling information and documents from participating PIs to generate a single and complete multi-institutional application. The lead PI will also be responsible for submitting the complete multi-institutional application as described in the announcement

  9. Co-PIs/Institutions - The Co-PIs in a multi-institutional application are responsible for generating the relavent documents and information needed by the lead PI to assemble complete self-contained official grant applications. These include the following:
  10. The scope of sub-tasks
  11. Deliverables and milestones, budget pages and justifications
  12. Bios of researchers, including contact information
  13. Necessary references quoted in the narrative of subtasks, and other material and information pertinent to the development of the multi-institutional grant application
  14. Submission of Collaborative Application
    A multi-institution application requires all participating PIs/Institutions (lead PI/institution and Co-PIs/Institutions) to submit official complete applications directly to or designated web sites as specified in the announcements. For simplicity and consistency, it is a single self-contained application to be submitted by both the lead PI/Institution and Co-PIs/Institutions and is highly desirable. The role of the lead PI/Institution is to collect and assemble supporting documents and information from predicating organizations to generate the self-contained application for submission.

  15. Lead PI/Institution Submission - The lead PI/Institution will be responsible for submitting the self-contained application to or other submission site as described in the announcements.
  16. Co-PI/Institutional Submission - Each participating co-PI/Institution is also responsible for submitting a self-contained application described above to or other submission site as described in the announcements.

    The lead PI/Co-PIs must ensure that the submission has well-delineated scope of work, budget pages, budget justifications, project milestones, and Bios described in the self-contained submission.