Southern New England Middle School Science Bowl

Coach Registration
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Regional Event Information
Date: 02/26/2022
Maximum Number of Teams: 32
Maximum Number of Teams per School: 3
Registration Fee: $50/team for an in-person event and $25/team for a virtual event
Hosted by: University of Connecticut

States and/or Counties Served
Rhode Island

Location (if event is held in-person, Location will be updated by December 20)

Regional Contact Information
Regional Coordinator: Ashley Orcutt
Phone: 860-486-0551

Co-Coordinator: Caleb Blanchard
Phone: 860-486-0551

Whether the event is held virtually or in-person will be determined by guidance from the Department of Energy and the University of Connecticut as the date draws closer.


Beginning October 1 at noon Eastern: Coaches either log-in to existing or create new accounts.  The only information needed initially is the coach, co-coach, and school information.

Coaches will not be asked (or allowed) to enter any information on the team members. 

After the team coach agrees to follow the eligibility requirements AND consents to the information in the former “Adult Consent and Media Form”, the coach can submit the school’s PREREGISTRATION.

After the coach submits the school PREREGISTRATION, the Regional Coordinator will approve the PREREGISTRATION if there is space.  An approved PREREGISTRATION secures at least one spot for a school.  Note: If the coach or co-coach is not a school employee, the school principal must complete the coach approval before PREREGISTRATION can be approved.

ONLY after the school’s PREREGISTRATION is approved, can the coach begin building their teams.

Between PREREGISTRATION approval and December 15 at 11:59 pm local time, the coach must SUBMIT their Team 1 registration.  If the coach does not submit the Team 1 registration BEFORE December 16, the school loses its reserved space. 

In order to SUBMIT a team registration, a signed “Parental Consent and Media Release Form” must be submitted for each team member – these forms are to be signed electronically by the parents/guardians. These electronic forms will be available after you enter the students’ information.

To repeat: a coach cannot submit a team registration without completed and signed parental forms.  

To summarize:
Step 1: Coach submits school PREREGISTRATION to guarantee one spot for the school
Step 2: Regional Coordinator approves the PREREGISTRATION
Step 3: Coach submits team registration for Team 1 before December 16

IF an event allows 2nd and 3rd teams, coaches may work on completing the submission process for the 2nd/3rd teams any time after the PREREGISTRATION is approved. However, 2nd and 3rd teams will not be approved before December 20. There will be no “first come, first served” approvals before January 1, 2022.  If there is not enough space for all teams, second or third teams will be selected via a lottery system.  Please email the Regional Coordinator for more information.

For assistance in registration, please review the registration guide here.