Funded Notice08 19

Software Development Tools
for Improved Ease-of-Use of
Petascale Systems

The following is a list of proposals funded under the "Software Development Tools for
Improved Ease-of-Use of Petascale Systems" solicitation ()
Proposal Title Principal Investigator(s)
Lightweight And Statistical Techniques for Petascale Debugging
B. de Supinski (LLNL, lead PI)
B. Miller (University of Wisconsin)
Correctness Tools for Petascale Computing
Hollingsworth (University of Maryland, lead PI)
J. Mellor-Crummey (Rice University)
B. Miller (University of Wisconsin)
Fortran Transformational Tools in Support of Scientific Application Development for Petascale Computer Architectures
C. Rasmussen (LANL, lead PI)
M. Sottile (University of Oregon)
D. Quinlan (LLNL)
A Scalable Development Environment for Peta-Scale Computing
G. Watson (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, lead PI)
R. Roberts (LANL)
J. Smith (ORNL)
W. Frings (Forschungszentrum Juelich)
David Abramson (Monash University)
A Multi-Language Environment For Programmable Code Optimization and Empirical Tuning
Q. Yi (UT at San Antonio, lead PI))
A. Qasem (Texas State University, San Marcos)
D. Quinlan (LLNL)
Automatic Transformation of MPI Programs to Asynchronous, Graph Driven Form
S. Baden (UC San Diego, lead PI)
D. Quinlan (LLNL)
E. Bylaska (PNNL)
Composite Parallelisms: Creating Interoperability Between PGAS Languages, HPCS Languages, and Message Passing Libraries
T. Epperly (LLNL, lead PI)
Software Construction and Composition Tools for Petascale Computing
T. Epperly (LLNL, lead PI)
L. Hochstein (USC/ISI)
Model-Oriented Global Optimization of Petascale Applications
J. Vetter (ORNL, lead PI)
P. Beckman (ANL)
A. Malony (University of Oregon)
Performance Health Monitoring for Large-Scale Systems
D. Kerbyson (LANL, lead PI)
L. DeRose (CRAY)
R. Rajamony (IBM)
An Optimizing Compiler for Petascale I/O on Leadership Class Architectures
M. Kandemir (Pennsylvania State University, lead PI)
A. Choudhary (Northwestern University)
R. Thakur (ANL)
Foundational Tools for Petascale Computing
B. Miller (University of Wisconsin,
lead PI)
J. Hollingsworth (University of Maryland)
Building a Community Infrastructure for Scalable On-Line Performance Analysis Tools Around Open SpeedShop
J. Galarowicz (Krell Institute, Inc.,
lead PI)
M. Schulz (LLNL)
P. Roth (ORNL)
B. Miller (University of Wisconsin)
J. Hollingsworth (University of Maryland)
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