Debugging and Correctness Tools Working Session

2011 Exascale Tools Workshop


Debugging and Correctness Tools Working Session Panel Questions:

  1. What will be the impact of streaming processors (aka GPUs) on debugging? What stays the same and what new things will be needed?
  2. Will we need to have power aware debugging (not debugging for power but a power budget for the debugger)? What would that look like?
  3. Assuming that Exascale will have additional support to manage faults, what are the new challenges of debugging code on a system with hardware or software support for fault tolerance?
  4. How will debugging be different at the degree of parallelism required for exascale?
  5. If you could add one new hardware feature to help with debugging at exascale, what would it be and how would it help?
  6. What new needs are there for static analysis tools to help with debugging for exascale?