ASCR RESEARCH Computer Science Funded Projects

Current Awards...

"PetaScale Application Development Analysis"
Vic Basili- University of Maryland

"NGA Extreme Performance Scalable OS"
Pete Beckman- Argonne National Laboratory

"High Performance Visualization"
Wes Bethel
- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"Cluster Management Software"
Brett Bode- Ames Laboratory

"NGA Framework for Adaptable OS/R"
Ron Brightwell- Sandia National Laboratory

"Portable and Transparent Message Copmpression in MPI Libraries to Impove the Performance and Scalability of Parallel Applications"
Martin Burtscher- Cornell University

"The Harness Workbench: Unified and Adaptive Access to diverse HPC Platforms"
Al Geist- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Programming Libraries and Tools"
Bill Gropp- Argonne National Laboratory

"Coordinated Fault Tolerance for High Performance Computing"
Paul Hargrove
- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"NGA High-End Computing with K42"
Paul Hargrove- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"Performance Research"
Adolfy Hoisie- Los Alamos National Laboratory

"NGA Services and Interfaces to Support Systems with Very Large Numbers of Processors"Terry Jones- Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

"Center for Programming Models for Scalable Parallel Computing"
Rusty Lusk- Argonne National Laboratory

"High Performance Computing Systems Research"
Rusty Lusk- Argonne National Laboratory

"NGA A Framework for Adaptable Operating and Runtime Systems"
Barney MacCabe
- University of New Mexico

"Application-Specific Performance Technology for Productive Parallel Computing"
Al Malony- University of Oregon

"ACTS Collection Project"
Tony Drummond
- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"Integrated Commodity-Based Approach to Interactive Large Data Visualization"
Pat McCormick- Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Tools for the Development of High-Performance Ener"
Bart Miller- University of Wisconsin

"Building a Science Appliance for Advanced Computing"
Ron Minnich- Los Alamos National Laboratory

"NGA Right-Weight Kernels"
Ron Minnich- Los Alamos National Laboratory

"NGA Scalable Fault Tolerant Runtime and Operating Systems"
Jarich Nieplocha- Pacific Northwest Laboratory

"Evaluation of Modern Systems"
Lenny Oliker- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"Center for Programming Models for Scalable Parallel Computing"
DK Panda- Ohio State University

"Rose - Semantics Driven Optimization"
Dan Quinlan- Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

"Fortran Interoperability"
Craig Rasmussen- Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lawrence Rauchwerger- Texas A&M University

"Scientific Data Management"
Doron Rotem- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"NGA MOLAR: Modular Linux"
Stephen Scott- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Apex-Map Benchmark for Application and System Performance"
Erich Strohmaier- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

"Representation-Independent Compiler Technology for Domain-Specific Analysis with the Open-Analysis Toolkit"
Michelle Strout
- Colorado State University

Pat Teller
- University of Texas/El Paso

"Scalable I/O and Parallel File Systems"
Rajeev Thakur- Argonne National Laboratory

"Unified Parallel C (UPC)"
Kathy Yelick- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Recent Activities...

"Cross-Platform Infrastructure for Scalable Runtime Application Performance Analysis"
Jack Dongarra
- Univ. of Tennessee

"HPCS Productivity"
Jeremy Kepner - MIT Lincoln Laboratory

"Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI)"
Jack Dongarra
- University of Tennessee

"Program Database Toolkit (PDT)"
Allen D. Malony - University of Oregon

"Aggregate Remote Memory Copy (ARMCI)"
Jarek Nieplocha - PNNL

"Co-Array Fortran"
John Mellor-Crummey - Rice University

"Global Arrays"
Jarek Nieplocha - PNNL

Barbara Chapman
- University of Houston

"Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)"
Al Geist - ORNL

Ronald G. Minnich - LANL

"Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS)"
William Gropp - ANL