Working Group Presentations

Group 1 – Stable and Enriched Isotopes 

Enriched Stable Isotopes and Technical Services at ORNL – Scott Aaron
5-Year Sales Analysis of ORNL Stable Isotopes Inventory Depletion
Table for Report
Synthesis of Compounds with Isotopic Signatures– Clifford J. Unkefer
Nonlinear Ion Dynamics, LLC– Alfred Wong

Group 2 – Radioisotopes for Research and Development

88-Inch Cyclotron – Isotopes Used and Produced – Claude Lyneis 
Use of Arsenic-73 and Other Radioactive Metals/Metalloids in Research to Support US EPA’s Regulatory Decisions – Michael Hughes 
The Advanced Test Reactor Capabilities and Experiments – Frances Marshall
Radioisotope Use at the ORD/EPA– Ram Ramabhadran 
BNL Radioisotope Research & Production Program – Leonard Mausner 
Overview of Siemens Molecular Imaging Isotope Production, Distribution and R&D – Roger Moroney
Tracing Substance Translocation and Accumulation in Plants Using Radioisotopes– Calvin Howell 
Isotope Production at LANL – Meiring Nortier 
Heavy Element Chemistry Portfolio – Lester R. Morss 
University of Missouri and MU Research Reactor Center – David Robertson 
Chemistry and Physics of the Heaviest Elements – Heino Nitsche 
CARIBU – Radioactive Beams from 252Cf Fission – Richard Pardo 
Lead-212/Bismuth-212 in Preclinical Research – Martin Brechbiel 
Using a Multiple Isotope Approach to Understand Uranium Cellular Effects – Alexandra C. Miller 
Isotope Needs for ATLAS Operations and CARIBU – Richard Pardo
R&D Isotopes Summary– Robert Atcher 
DOE NP Workshop – Mike Welch 
R&D Isotopes Summary – 
Enriched Stable Isotopes and Technical Services at ORNL – Scott Aaron 
Isotopes for Nuclear Science at LLNL – Mark A. Stoyer