SBIR/STTR Partnering Blog

Stay informed and up to date on partnering inquiries made to the SBIR/STTR programs office. If you see a connection of interest to you, please reach out to Carol Rabke directly.

map of the US power grid 


A small business developing technology for grid cybersecurity was provided with resources within electric power utilities.


Today I was contacted by a small business developing automated solar module racking systems looking to connect with solar installer networks.


A small business developing technology that optimizes boiler temperature reached out looking for HVAC research contacts within the Building Technologies Office (BTO) within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).


Today I was contacted by a small business developing powerline monitoring systems looking for introductions to SmallSat and CubeSat manufacturers.


A small business developing remote-controlled robotic monitoring tools reached out looking for offshore wind project information; hydropower and offshore oil rig points of contact and market size information were also shared.


Today I was contacted by two small businesses looking for DOE funding opportunities in the areas of clean hydrogen manufacturing, and plasma science research.


A small business developing advanced cathodes for Lithium ion batteries reached out looking for help identifying potential U.S. cathode manufacturers.