Phase Shift I and Phase Shift II

Energy I Corps

There has been a lot of thoughtful yet rapid change going on in the SBIR/STTR program relative to I-Corps offerings. There are two big changes that the community should be aware of:

  1. DOE SBIR is rebranding its customer discovery offerings from I-Corps to Phase Shift, and
  2. DOE SBIR has added an offering for our Phase II awardees

The branding for the Phase I and Phase II offerings will be Phase Shift I and Phase Shift II.

The overall approach of hypothesis-driven customer discovery from the original I-Corps offering will not be changing. Phase Shift I is an 8-week, 30-interview, learn-by-doing experience. For more details about the current Phase Shift I offering, please visit the Phase Shift I web page.

The second major change is the piloting of our new Phase Shift II offering. Phase Shift II draws on the curriculum and methods from the NSF I-Corps™ GO Program that originally was developed and piloted by several universities from 2017-2019. The Phase Shift II offering builds on discovery principles introduced in Phase I and applies the principles to additional topics – revenue generation, manufacturing, and partnerships all wrapped in cash flow modeling structure. Phase Shift II is a lower-intensity, longer-duration, 5-month experiential learning program. For more information about the Phase Shift II offering please visit the Phase Shift II web page.