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Here you will find information for your regional competitions. For more information be sure to review the Coordinators Manuals listed below. 

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Coordinator Documents, Rules, and Guides

Coordinator Manual

Rules for the National Science Bowl®

Important Rules for the Beginning of the Rounds - [.doc] [pdf]

Invitational Practice Tournament

Regional Coordinator Registration Link:

Competition Event Resources

Examples of Room Set-ups:

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Sample Programs

Document Templates

Sample Media Advisories and Press Releases

Stay-All-Day Activities: Click Here To View
Hands-on activities and competitions to encourage teams to stay until the end of the day at regional competitions.
Activities are provided for high school and middle school.

Participant Forms

Volunteer Resources

Sample Volunteer Training PowerPoint [.ppt]

In-Person Volunteer Sheets

  • Moderator [PDF]
  • Question Judge  [PDF]
  • Rules Judge  [PDF]
  • Timekeeper  [PDF]
  • Scorekeeper  [PDF]
  • Rules Flowchart  [PDF]

Virtual Volunteer Sheets

  • Moderator & Timekeeper  [PDF]
  • Question Jude & Chat Box Scorer  [PDF]
  • Recognizer & Official Scorekeeper  [PDF]

Volunteer Training Powerpoints

Other Resources

  • Nondisclosure Form for Volunteers with Access to the Questions [.pdf]
  • Virtual Volunteer Checklist  [PDF

Volunteer Training Videos:

Moderator and Judge Training

Scorekeeper Training

Timekeeper Training