Application Selection Process and Notification

CCI Program Application Review and Selection Overview

  • Application Eligibility and Compliance:

    • To be considered, an applicant must meet all eligibility criteria and submit an application comprising all required materials.
    • To assess eligibility, and prior to the merit assessment and evaluation, an initial review of all applications will be conducted to verify applicant eligibility and ensure all the required application materials have been provided.
    • Only those applications meeting all requirements will be advanced for merit review and selection. The application materials uploaded and received through the electronic submission process will provide the sole basis for the evaluation and selection. 
  • Application Merit Review

    • Applications will be assessed based upon the applicant’s performance in completed academic coursework, and especially coursework in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM); strength of recommendations letters; expressed scientific or technical interests; and the applicant's background, experience, accomplishments, and interests as they relate to the technical and R&D programs at the host laboratories.
    • The merit review will comprise a thorough, consistent, and objective examination of eligible applicants based on pre-established criteria. Application evaluators must be independent of the applicants, must comply with all applicable DOE rules or directives concerning evaluation and merit review.
  • Selection and Placement:

    • The number of CCI Program participants is contingent upon the availability of funds, programs, and staff.
    • Following the merit review, highly reviewed applications are viewed by laboratory scientific and technical project advisors in coordination with the DOE Laboratory Education Directors, with technical advisors selecting those applicants whose skills, knowledge, and technical interests are best aligned with the projects available to interns for the pending CCI term.
    • Final selection and appointment is made at the discretion of the host laboratory Education Director, with final authority residing with the Associate Director, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists, Office of Science. DOE employees must comply with regulations governing conduct of employees codified in 10 CFR Part 1010 and Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch at 5 CFR Part 2635.
    • Recruitment and selection of participants is done without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, mental or physical disability, or status as a veteran.
  • Notification:

    • Notification of an internship offer is made by a host Laboratory Education Director, via a congratulatory email message through the online application system, followed by a formal official offer package. The offer package will provide details regarding the stipend, housing, travel, program orientation, identification of the technical advisor and technical project, the institutional setting, any special requirements, and the expected deliverables.
    • The offer must be accepted within 10 days upon receipt of the formal offer package.
    • Successful applicants may be offered an appointment at either their first or second choice host laboratory. Only one offer will be extended to an applicant during an application period. If the applicant declines, no additional or alternative offer will be made
    • Upon receipt of an offer, potential participants are encouraged to communicate with the proposed project advisor.
    • Final appointment at the host laboratory is contingent upon proof of citizenship or citizenship status and the outcome of a formal background check (if required).