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Applied Nanotech, Inc.
3006 Longhorn Blvd., #107
Austin, TX 78758-7518
Carbon Stripper Foil for the Next Generation Rare Isotope Beam Facility
This project will develop a large-area, low-cost stripper foil, a key component needed for the next generation of the Rare Isotope Accelerator. Experiments from this accelerator will lead to a comprehensive description of nuclei and establish the scientific foundation for innovative applications of nuclear science to society.
Applied Nanotech, Inc.
3006 Longhorn Blvd., #107
Austin, TX 78758-7518
CNT-Based Electrostatic Atomizing Fuel Injector Promoting Fuel Combustion Efficiency
This project will develop an electronic CNT atomizing fuel injector, a novel fuel efficient device needed for the next generation of internal combustion engines, leading to a remarkable improvement in automotive performance and fuel economy.
Applied Nanotech, Inc.
3006 Longhorn Blvd., #107
Austin, TX 78758-7518
Sintered Copper Ink as a Low Cost Replacement for High Temperature Solders
This project will develop copper nanoparticle ink that can be used as a bonding material in electronics. This is a direct replacement of traditional and lead-free solders that fatigue in demanding applications, e.g., hybrid electric vehicles power electronics.
Benz Airborne Systems
2400 Handley-Ederville Road
Fort Worth, TX 76118
High Temperature Sensors for Geothermal Applications
Geothermal work in the United States presents an opportunity to improve American energy independence by increasing domestic production of competitive, sustainable energy. Amplified, high temperature pressure transducers are an essential component in monitoring and developing geothermal reservoirs.
Blue Sky Electronics, LLC
401 Studewood, Ste 203
Houston, TX 77007-2733
Electronics for Fast Vertex Position Measurement
This project will result in new electronics to quickly measure, process and distribute extremely fast timing measurements. It will increase the efficiency of particle collider experiments and provide an important building block for advanced instruments used in the life sciences, medical imaging, manufacturing, and environmental monitoring.
Crossfield Technology, LLC
4505 Spicewood Springs Rd, Ste 360
Austin, TX 78759
Novel Wireless Sensor Integration in Process Control
This project seeks to develop a standard package that will enable the use of advanced chemical sensors in harsh environments, such as present in emerging clean coal technology power systems. The standardized package will enable quick implementation of newly developed sensors.
Integrated Micro Sensors, Inc.
10814 Atwell Drive
Houston, TX 77096-4834
Photo-Enhanced Hardened Flat Cold Cathodes Based on III Nitrides for Pulsed and Ultra-Fast Electron Sources
Current field emission cathodes based on micro-tip arrays are reliable electron sources used in electron microscopy and other related applications, however, some drawbacks include instability and short lifetime. This project will develop ultrahigh speed, high-stability, high current density photon-enhanced planar cold cathodes based on avalanche photon/electron emission diodes fabricated from III-Nitride semiconductor materials which should alleviate the current drawbacks.
Lynntech, Inc
7610 Eastmark Drive
College Station, TX 77840
Design, Optimization and Fabrication of a Home Hydrogen Fueling System
This project will identify infrastructure problems and system requirements to design and fabricate an affordable, safe and energy efficient home hydrogen fueling appliance. It is targeted to meet hydrogen refueling needs of the average US traveler on a daily basis and has potential application as backup power source in emergencies.
Lynntech, Inc
7610 Eastmark Drive
College Station, TX 77840
Magnetic Harvesting of Algae
Magnet harvesting of algae offers the prospect of a significant reduction in the cost of harvesting high oil content algae for biofuel use. Combined with algae's high fuel per acre yield, this can increase the availability of cost effective biofuels.
Lynntech, Inc
7610 Eastmark Drive
College Station, TX 77840
Non-Thermal Plasma Cracking of Algae-Derived Biodiesel into Jet Flue
This project will develop technology that will produce aviation fuels from algae-derived biodiesel, which has significant energy density to be used an alternative transportation fuel source.
Lynntech, Inc
7610 Eastmark Drive
College Station, TX 77840
Novel Electrochemical Process for Microalgae Harvesting
This project will develop a new method for harvesting algae containing bio-oils for biofuel production. This process will enable cost-effective production of advanced biofuels such as biodiesel, green diesel, green gasoline, and green jet fuel reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil.
Metal Oxide Technologies Inc.
8807 Emmott Rd., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77040
High-Field YBCO Superconductors for High Energy Particle Colliders
A reliable, commercially viable superconducting wire which operates without electrical loss will benefit not only high energy physics fundamental research, but also: industry development and economic growth; the environment by reducing the consumption of politically unstable fossil fuel; and government and military mission critical programs.
Nanohmics, Inc.
6201 E. Oltorf Street #400
Austin, TX 78741
Vacuum Microelectronic Thermoelectric Cooler
To address the ever expanding need for compact, highly efficient refrigeration, Nanohmics, Inc. is developing a solid state thermoelectric cooler based on cold cathode technology. The vacuum microelectronic cooler promises to be rugged, inexpensive, and suitable for a variety of refrigeration needs.
QuickFlex, Inc.
8401 N. New Braunfels, Suite 324
San Antonio, TX 78209
QuickHydra Network Security System
This project will provide secure reconfigurable acceleration for Sentinel Security's Hydra to protect applications and data in high-performance computing and networks.
Saxet Surface Science
3913 Todd Lane, Suite 303
Austin, TX 78744
Improved Ion Resistance for III-V Photocathodes in High Current Guns
Many of the next generation of physics accelerators will require high average electron currents, a potential issue for electron sources. This project will test the possibility for a chemically stabilized surface layer to also inhibit charged particle induced deterioration of these electron sources.
Shear Form, Inc
207 Dellwood
Bryan, TX 77801
Engineered Dual NbTa Barriers for Higher Jc Nb3Sn Superconductors
In order to achieve a higher current carrying capacity in Nb3Sn superconductors, it is advantageous to incorporate a highly deformable tantalum layer to protect adjacent stabilizing copper from tin contamination. Improved properties in the tantalum are realized by using fine grained tantalum backed by fine-grained ductile niobium. This project will demonstrate improved ductility in specially fabricated dual niobium-tantalum layer for use in advanced Nb3Sn superconductors. This work will lead to higher field and lower cost superconducting magnets for high energy physics applications, than are currently possible.
STTR Project
Solarno Incorporated
153 Hollywood Drive
Coppell, TX 75019
Bright White Tandem OLED with Carbon Nanotube Hole Injecting Interlayer
This project will develop innovative nanotechnology for manufacturing of high efficiency and brightness organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Furthermore, the proposed technology is cost-effective and resolves limitations in device lifetime. The commercial applications includes displays, residential and commercial lighting.