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Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
1046 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
Nanofluids Enhanced Twisted Tape Heat Exchanger
Effectively increasing thermal performance of conventional heat exchangers will reduce size, weight, pumping power and cost of the heat exchanger. This project will develop advanced heat exchanger with twisted tape inserts and newly innovated nanofluids as a working fluid to achieve higher efficiency.
STTR Project
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
1046 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
Stabilization of Nanofluids Using Self Assembled Monolayers
Heat transfer is an important part of many energy intensive processes. More efficient heat transfer leads to more efficient use of fuel. Nanofluids have the capability of increasing heat transfer efficiency in many current heat exchangers by improving the heat transfer properties inherent to current coolants.
Strategic Polymer Sciences, Inc.
200 Innovation Blvd, Suite 237
State College, PA 16803-6602
Novel Pulsed Power Film Capacitors with Ultrahigh Energy Density and High Reliability
This project will develop high performance energy storage film capacitors with ultrahigh energy density, high reliability, and low cost. The advanced capacitors can be used in military pulsed power weapon systems, medical defibrillators, and hybrid electric vehicles.
Visual Composites, LLC
5451 Merwin Lane
Erie, PA 16510
Intermediate Heat Exchanger for Framatome High Temperature Reactor
A high temperature silicon carbide heat exchanger will be tested as an option for the very high temperature Framatome-ANP nuclear reactor concept. This novel component is a key element in the success of generating electricity and hydrogen without making harmful green-house gases.
WavesinSolids, LLC
2134 Sandy Drive, Suite 14
State College, PA 16803-2292
Continuous Health Monitoring of Coal Power Plant Components using Acoustic Emission Technology
This project will develop a nonintrusive, acoustic emission based continuous health monitoring technology for improving coal power plant components' safety and reliability, and provide condition-based maintenance of these components, thereby, avoiding plant shutdowns and unnecessary loss of millions of dollars.