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Advanced Research Corporation
4459 White Bear Parkway
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Scanning Probe Microscopy
This project will develop a sensor and technique for measuring high frequency magnetic fields associated with nano-scale structures. This will advance the state of the art ability to quantify and understand electric and magnetic properties on this scale.
Hysitron, Inc.
10025 Valley View Road
Minnneapolis, MN 55344
Fast-Scanning Nanoindenter
The proposed fast-scanning nanoindenter promises to be a novel materials characterization tool for high-throughput nanoscale measurements. It can be a powerful tool for quality inspection in manufacturing processes and can contribute to improving product quality for industries suffering from spatial variations in materials properties.
SarTec Corporation
617 Pierce Street
Anoka, MN 55303
A Novel System for the Sequestration and Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to useful Products using Stable Metal Oxide Catalysts
The capture of carbon dioxide and its reuse in fuels and other industrially useful chemicals is important to U.S. national security. Our proposal describes a fast, easy, and technically feasible method to trap and convert carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals that will help serve the needs of the country.
SVT Associates, Inc.
7620 Executive Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Advanced Coating Technology for Enhanced Performance of Microchannel Plates for High-Efficiency UV and Cherenkov Light Detection
This project will develop an advanced coating technology to enhance performance of MCP based UV detectors for next generation Cherenkov detectors in nuclear physics application.
SVT Associates, Inc.
7620 Executive Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
High-Detectivity Very-Long-Wavelength Strain-Compensated Type II Superlattice Infrared Photo Detectors
This project will produce a strain-compensated type II superlattice structure to improve very-long-wavelength infrared (VLWIR) detection and atomic Hydrogen enhanced growth and surface preparation technique for high performance type II very-long-wavelength photo detectors.
SVT Associates, Inc.
7620 Executive Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Robust GaN-Based Photocathodes for High-Current RF Electron Injectors
Advanced high-intensity electron guns, used as injectors in electron accelerators, utilize photocathodes as electron source. There is an immediate need for the development of high efficiency photocathodes capable of robust operation at high emission currents. This project is directed toward the development of a GaN-based long-life photocathode for application in high-current electron guns.