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Hysitron, Inc.
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Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Instrumentation for Electron Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy
Recovery Act - Fast-Scanning Nanoindenter
The fast scanning nanoindenter proposed by Hysitron will offer a novel tool for rapid quality inspection in basic science and manufacturing processing. The investigators aim to develop the universal tool for rapid mechanical property imaging that incorporates fast control loop, capabilities for rapid scratch testing and modulus mapping, and allowing for rapid probe replacement, ultimately leading to significant increase of throughput. This instrument is expected to find multiple applications in semiconductor, data storage, polymer, and pharmaceutical industries. Beyond rapid throughput, this device will allow scientist to probe high frequency responses of materials, exploring how they accommodate and dissipate elastic energy, providing crucial feedback for optimization of medical implants, ultra-strong composites, and battery or fuel cell electrodes by elucidating the factors that ultimately determine the operation times and reliability.