DOE-NP Accelerator R&D PI Meeting 2017 Presentations

Friday, 10/20/2017

DOE Headquarters, Germantown, MD, Room A-410

   Meeting Agenda

Time Dur.  (min) Presentation Title Speaker Institution  Topic
8:30 AM 5 Welcome and Introductory Remarks Gillo, Jehanne NP -
8:35 AM 30 NP Accelerator R&D  Program Overview Farkhondeh, Manouchehr NP NP Accelerator R&D
9:05 AM 30 High Intensity Polarized Electron Gun Redwine, Robert / Tsentalovich, Evgeni MIT High current Pol source /eRHIC
9:35 AM 30 Next generation robust polarization photocathodes for EIC, and High current Photoinjectors Bazarov, Ivan/ Cultrera, Luca Cornell High current Photoinjector
10:05 AM 15 Break
10:20 AM 45 Coherent Electron Cooling Demonstration Experiment at RHIC Litvinenko, Vladimir BNL CeC - cooling /eRHIC
11:05 AM 30 Development of a Polarized 3He Ion Source for RHIC  Milner, Richard/ Musgrave, Matthew MIT Pol ion source /eRHIC
11:35 AM 45 Beam-dynamics study of the self-generating field with crab crossing scheme in the future electron-ion collider  (LBNL and BNL Collaboration) Qiang, Ji and Hao, Yue LBNL/ BNL Beam Dynamics/eHIC
12:20 PM 60 Lunch Break 
1:20 PM 45 Critical Accelerator R&D for Achieving High Performance of a  Polarized Medium Energy Electron Ion Collider (MEIC/JLEIC  Collaboration) Pilat, Fulvia/Vasiliy Morozov TJNAF MEIC/JLEIC design
2:05 PM 25  (MEIC/JLEIC Collaboration) Cai, Yunhai/Nosochkov Yuri SLAC MEIC/JLEIC design
2:30 PM 35  (MEIC/JLEIC Collaboration) Mustapha, Brahim/ Ostroumov, Peter ANL  MEIC/JLEIC Design /ion injector
3:05 PM 10  Break
3:15 PM 35 Design Studies and Prototyping of Superferric Magnets for MEIC/JLEIC ((MEIC/JLEIC Collaboration)) McIntyre, Peter TAMU MEIC/JLEIC design
3:50 PM 40 Design of HOM damping for high current SRF cavities for Electron Ion Collider (eRHIC) at BNL Li, Derun and Ostoumov/Mustapha LBNL/ANL High current eRHIC 
4:30 PM 30 Studies of Conventional and ERL-Based Recirculator Electron Cooling for an Electron Ion Collider Erdelyi, Bela NIU e cooling software /MEIC/JLEIC
5:00 PM   Adjourn