Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC)
October 20-21, 2023

Location: Fully Remote

[Eastern Daylight Time]

Presenter Topic

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Dr. Bruce Hungate, Chair Welcome
Dr. Asmeret A. Berhe, Director DOE Introductory Remarks
Dr. Todd Anderson, Acting Associate Director News from BER
Dr. Gary Geernaert, EESS Division Director Update on EESSD
Dr. Dawn Adin, Acting BSS Division Director Update on BSSD

Dr. Margaret Torn (LBNL)

The AmeriFlux Network at 25: Innovation, Discovery and Community

Dr. Colleen Iversen (ORNL)

Building a Culture of Safety and Trust in Team Science
Dr. Bruce Hungate, BERAC Chair Discussion

Friday, October 20, 2023

Dr. Himadri Pakrasi (Washington University, St. Louis) BERAC Science Talk: A day and a Night in the Life of a Photosynthetic Diazotroph
Dr. Rick Stevens (ANL) Workshop Briefing: AI for Science, Energy, and Security
Dr. Kerstin Kleese van Dam (BNL) Unified Data Subcommittee Update
Dr. Gemma Reguera (Michigan State University) Low Dose Subcommittee Update
Dr. Bruce Hungate, BERAC Chair   Discussion