Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC)
October 18-19, 2018


Presenter Topic
Dr. Steve Binkley,
Deputy Director for Science
News from the Office of Science
Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax, Associate Director   News from BER
Dr. Todd Anderson News from Biological Systems Science Division  
Dr. Gary Geernaert News from Climate & Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Jake McKinlay, Indiana University Early Career Science Presentation: Engineered and emergent properties of a synthetic microbial mutualism
Dr. Harvey Bolton, PNNL & Dr. Nigel Mouncey, LBNL Facilities Integrating Collaborations for User Science (FICUS) and other joint facility collaborations  
Dr. Dorothy Koch, BER Workshop Report Brief: Earth System Modeling
Dr. Seema Singh, BER Workshop Brief: Genome Engineering for Materials Synthesis (GEMS)

Dr. G. Philip Robertson, Michigan State University

BERAC Science Talk: Biofuel Sustainability Ten Years On

Dr. Bruce Hungate  

Report from Subcommittee on Facility Evaluation and Alignment
Under Secretary Paul Dabbar News from the Office of the Under Secretary of Energy for Science
Dr. Ruby Leung, PNNL Workshop Report Brief: Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison      Project
Dr. Greg Lowry, Carnegie Mellon University NAS Report Brief: Science Breakthroughs to Advance Food and Agricultural Research by 2030
Dr. Inder Monga, LBNL

Energy Sciences Network (ESNet) update