Internal Site Office Operations

The Internal Site Office Operations manages Ames Site Office (AMSO) resources and business systems to ensure that the AMSO successfully achieves its mission.


  1. Manages AMSO resources. Determines AMSO needs (staffing, travel, training, and awards) and requests appropriate resources.
  2. Identifies, develops, and maintains appropriate tools and techniques to ensure that AMSO can successfully accomplish its assigned mission.
  3. Works with the Integrated Support Center (ISC) to obtain required AMSO technical and administrative support. Provides AMSO resources when needed and available to support the rest of the ISC organization.
  4. Conducts self-assessments of AMSO management, organization, and operations. Revises internal AMSO management structure, organization, and operations, as appropriate.
  5. Participates, as requested, in the planning and establishment of overall ISC expectations and direction and provides feedback.