Federal Stewardship

The Federal Stewardship maintains and protects Federal assets at the Ames National Laboratory or assigned to the Ames Site Office.


Reviews and assesses Ames National Laboratory and support activities and stewardship needs against the contract requirements and takes action, as necessary.

Develops and maintains an effective working relationship and communication with DOE-HQ, other DOE organizations, elected officials, Federal, State and local agencies, and as appropriate other key stakeholders, such as the national and international science community. Develops and maintains effective community stakeholder and media relations programs.

Coordinates with DOE-HQ and other potential stakeholders to determine the optimal allocation of resources to meet stewardship needs.

Provide feedback to SC and other HQ Program sponsors on the HQ funding, planning, and direction that impact the Laboratory site or infrastructure.

Serves as the owner for transactions affecting the government’s rights in Federal assets, such as transfers of interest and execution of permits. Serves as the Federal steward and ensures the protection and maintenance of Federal assets located at Ames National Laboratory.