Contract Management

The Ames Site Office’s Contract Management provides leadership and maximizes the effective working relationship between Department of Energy (DOE) and the contractor; manages and administers the contract by setting and communicating expectations, integrating DOE requirements, authorizing work, and providing timely feedback to the contractor.

Contract Summary and Background

The Ames National Laboratory contract is a cost-plus award-fee, performance-based Management and Operating (M&O) contract, subject to the appropriate provisions of the FAR and DEAR. The contract is managed and operated by the Laboratory and is awarded to Iowa State University (ISU) from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2021, unless terminated sooner as provided for by the Contract. As the M&O Contractor, ISU is responsible for the management of Laboratory programs/projects, maintaining and enhancing the facility, equipment, and business infrastructure, and “enhancing” Laboratory capabilities to meet current and future government science and technology needs.

The Ames National Laboratory contract is based on the principles of performance-based contracting as implemented for an M&O contract. Performance-based contracts are an important tool supporting the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993, which emphasizes strategic planning, performance goals, and assessing outcomes against those goals. Key elements of a performance-based contract are clearly stated and utilized within the Laboratory contract, including outcome-oriented performance measures and focusing on DOE’s goals and objectives for the Laboratory.