Participating DOE National Laboratories/Facilities and Points of Contact

DOE National Laboratory/Facility POCs serve as a local resource for information about the Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program to DOE National laboratory scientists interested in establishing a new collaboration with a graduate student and to collaborating DOE laboratory scientists on a pending or funded SCGSR research proposal. Collaborating DOE Laboratory Scientists may be from any of the participating DOE national laboratories/facilities.

DOE National Laboratory/Facility POCs also can provide guidance and assistance to prospective graduate student applicants who are interested in exploring a potential collaboration in an SCGSR priority research area with a DOE scientist at their laboratory/facility. Graduate students interested in identifying a new collaborating DOE National laboratory scientist and have questions are encouraged first begin with contacting the SCGSR Program Manager, and visit the information on the “Identifying a collaborating DOE laboratory scientist” page.

DOE National Laboratory SCGSR Laboratory POC(s) Contact Email(s)
Ames Laboratory – Ames, IA  Kelly Bergman
Argonne National Laboratory – Argonne, IL  Courtney Cutinello
Dana Ginett
Brookhaven National Laboratory – Upton, NY  Aleida Perez
  Ken White  
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory – Batavia, IL  Judy Nunez
  Jennifer Raaf
General Atomics/DIII-D Facility Robert Pinsker
Idaho National Laboratory – Idaho Falls, ID  Adil Refaey
Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, NM  Angelica Lopez
  Matthew Pacheco
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Berkeley, CA  Colette Flood
  Nakeiah Harrell
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Livermore, CA  Jarrod Farmer
National Energy Technology Laboratory - Pittsburgh, PA Angela Stoffiere
National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Golden, CO Danelle Wilder
  Marcus Giron
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN Moody Altamimi
  Michael Whetstone
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Richland, WA Evangelina Shreeve
  Nancy Roe
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory – Princeton, NJ Arturo Dominguez
  Dede Ortiz
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory – Menlo Park, CA Hillary Freeman
  Erin Coley
Sandia National Laboratories – Livermore, CA  Christopher R. Shaddix
Sandia National Laboratory - Albuquerque, NM Christopher R. Shaddix
Savannah River National Laboratory - Aiken, SC Valarie Preddy
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - Newport News, VA Lisa Surles-Law