West Woods Upper Elementary School

West Woods Upper Elementary School

Tara Vazquez, Coach
Coach Tara Vazquez received her Sixth Year Diploma in curriculum and instruction with a focus in science from the University of Connecticut. She has worked as a teacher and curriculum specialist in the Farmington elementary schools for twenty eight years. When not at school, Coach Vazquez and her husband spend most of their time cheering on their daughters in basketball, track, and soccer. Each summer they visit relatives in Ibiza, Spain and then explore another country.

Samanyu Kasinadhuni
Samanyu Kasinadhuni is a sixth-grade student whose favorite subjects are math and science. He is very interested in molecular biology and biochemistry, and  started learning biology and chemistry in the summer of 2021. Samanyu's favorite sport is cricket, which he plays with the kids in his neighborhood. Another sport that he likes is basketball. His favorite player is Stephen Curry, and has been following him and the Golden State Warriors for eight years.

Sudeep Nelakudity
Sudeep Nelakudity is a sixth-grader. Since he enjoys both math and science equally he competed in the MATHCOUNTS competition. Sudeep has also participated in Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School Competition since 2019. Sudeep’s aspiration is to pursue a career in the field of medicine. Outside of school Sudeep enjoys playing chess, baseball, and tennis.

Tejaswi Sirikonda
Tejaswi Sirikonda is a sixth-grader from Farmington, Connecticut. In school, she enjoys learning science, math, and writing. Tejaswi likes to participate in her school’s jazz band and school positivity club. Apart from school, she enjoys reading, making crafts, and playing her saxophone. Tejaswi also has a great passion for doing charity work and helping the community and animals. When she gets older, she hopes to study in Connecticut and become a pediatrician, and she also wishes to run her own food bank for those in need.

Chengcheng Wang
Chengcheng Wang is a sixth-grader whose favorite academic subject is science, though he also likes social studies. He plays piano, saxophone, and violin, and is in the jazz band in his school. He also likes reading, dodgeball, and playing video games. He hopes to become a youtuber and/or an engineer.

Rohan Prasad
Rohan Prasad is a sixth-grade student whose favorite subjects are science and math. His interests include watching science documentaries, and solving space and chemistry problems. After high school, he would like to study about interstellar space and make new discoveries that will expand his understanding of the universe. He loves playing soccer and wishes to be on the high school soccer team. In his free time, Rohan enjoys playing chess and solving the rubix cube.