Vera C O Leary Middle School

Vera C O'Leary Middle School

Jo Marie Connor, Coach
Coach Jo Marie Connor has taught honors chemistry and other science classes at Twin Falls High School for the past thirty two years and has been the Quiz Bowl coach for thirty one of those years.   Coach Connor has a degree in biochemistry from Idaho State University.  Coach Connor teaches physical science, honors chemistry and AP chemistry.   Besides teaching Coach Connor enjoys walking on the Twin Falls Canyon Rim close to where Evil Knievel jumped many years ago.   Coach Connor also enjoys doing crafts.   She loves to watch her children participate in all their activities from gymnastics to football.

Darren Su
Darren Su is a thirteen year old eighth-grader. He likes coding and reading. He also enjoys participating in all kinds of competitions, such as chess tournaments, piano and math competitions. He is an active member of a small Boise math club and a local swim team. Math, web design, and history are his favorite subjects in school, and he plans to get into a STEM related field once in college. He has just qualified for MATHCOUNTS nationals in Washington D.C.  in May, and is ready for the Science Bowl!

Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson has lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  Yakima, Washington, and now in Twin Falls, Idaho for five years. Hayden comes from a family of seven, including him, his parents, Paul and Angela, and his four brothers. Landon, Dallin, Ethan, and Logan. Some of his hobbies include baseball, track and field, ping-pong, and outdoor activities. Some of them include hunting, fishing, and camping. He currently attends O’Leary Middle School with the rest of his team. Hayden enjoys reading.  His favorite series is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. He has participated in robotics for O’Leary  for three years. . He also did ski club.   He plans on going to the University of Utah to get a doctorate degree in the medical field, and would like to be an anesthesiologist. He would like to live in Idaho in the future where he is close to family.

Judd Platt
Judd Platt is a fourteen year old eighth-grader who goes to O’Leary Middle school, in Twin Falls Idaho. He enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends. He made the quiz bowl team for Idaho, although he gives much of the credit to his teammates. In a quote from the man himself “I don’t think I ever would have made it here by myself”. Although Judd sounds quite serious from what has been previously written, in fact, that is quite the opposite of the truth. He enjoys having fun, and just messing around. Judd is from a family of six, which includes his four siblings, and his mom, and of course himself. Judd is in algebra one in school, which he generally regards as his favorite class. This, and science of course are two classes that he particularly enjoys. When Judd grows up, he wants to own a business empire and control the world's economy.

Jacob King
Jacob King is a fourteen year old boy in the eighth grade. He loves learning, and trying new things. He is extremely athletic, and participates in soccer, wrestling, and track and field. Jacob also enjoys playing dungeons and dragons, and plays multiple instruments including piano, violin, cello, viola, and percussion. He enjoys school, and likes all of his teachers. He lives with his mom, and two younger brothers.

Carson Egbert
Carson Wayne Egbert is a fourteen year old male who is an active student at O'Leary Middle School located in Twin Falls, Idaho. Some of his favorite subjects include science and robotics. He has many hobbies including Rubik’s Cubing, golfing, dungeons and dragons, 3D designing, 3D printing, and drawing. He also highly enjoys airsoft and other tactical warfare games. He works at a municipal golf course and plans to become an aerospace engineer working for SpaceX in the future. Hoping to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carson strives to receive respectable grades in all that he does. He owns and operates a 3D printer as well as manages the multiple 3D printers at his school. He is the middle child among a family of five children. Carson has one dog which, called Indie. He strongly agrees with being considered a “nerd”, or “weird”.  In fact, he enjoys it. It gives him a sense of pride knowing that he stands out from the crowd.