Twelve Corners Middle School

Twelve Corners Middle School

Kelvin Knight, Coach
Coach Kelvin Knight, Sr. has volunteered at Twelve Corners Middle School since 2012.   He has taught STEM after school science for the past thirteen years.  He attended college at the University of Rochester followed by graduate school at University of Illinois, Chicago.  He is currently an Ed.D. candidate at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education.  Coach Knight is studying student motivation for learning.  Coach Knight is a board member of STAAR Leaders of Rochester which provides local academic and continuing education scholarships for local high school graduates and adults.  For the past thirteen years he has led groups of students across the country to learn  and experience STEM firsthand and via STEM competitions. Coach Knight is a proud dad.  His son graduated from Duquesne University in May 2020.  If all is well in the world, they both plan to travel southern Europe together.

Krishna Tangirala
Krishna Tangirala is an eighth-grade student at Twelve Corners Middle School. He is interested in sciences and participates in competitions in and outside of school. Krishna also plays chess, is an apprentice black belt in karate, and learns Indian classical music. He also enjoys cycling with his brother.

Mahaswetha Ramakrishna
Mahaswetha Ramakrishna is a sixth-grader at Twelve Corners Middle School.   Her favorite subjects are science, math, and social science.  She enjoys exploring atoms and molecules.  She wants to work in biochemistry and be a scientist.  She enjoys reading thriller novels.   Mahaswetha’s hobbies are learning classic Indian dance, Indian music, and piano.  She is also learning her mother tongue, Tamil.  When the weather permits, she likes playing with her friends, rollerblading, and riding her bike.

Mehur Sidhu
Mehur Sidhu is a seventh-grader whose favorite subjects are math, science, technology and gym.  In her free time, she enjoys reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books,  playing sports, solving algebraic equations and building new things using available materials.   After high school, Mehur would like to study psychology, biology, and chemistry and would like to join her university’s sports team. Her interests also include running, traveling and swimming.

Matheesha Binuk Jayawardhane
Matheesha Binuk Jayawardhane. Currently, he is in eight grade and likes to play volleyball and soccer.  He academically loves the subjects of math, science, and technology.   As a hobby, Matheesha likes to hike and go outside. In the future, he would like to be an astrophysicist for NASA. 

Elias Gray
Information for Elias Gray not provided