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David Schuth, Coach
Coach David Schuth has taught science for twenty two years since graduating from Butler University.  Minor hobbies include professional fireworks, theater technology & performance, acting, smoking foods, singing, and stringed instruments.  Major hobbies include disc golf, grilling foods, tabletop games, reading, and graphic novels.  Coach Schuth also dallies in homemade ice cream and peanut butter, cheese making, balloon animals, computer programming, cake decorating, and animation.

Connor Kacena-Merrell
Connor Kacena-Merrell is a current eighth-grader at Sycamore School. Connor enjoys his physics class with Mr. Schuth, and his algebra two math class. His favorite hobbies consist of Science Bowl, soccer, competitive sheep herding, debate, and game development. Connor will be attending Park Tudor High School next year as a freshman. He hopes to continue his passion for Science Bowl, and debate as extracurriculars in High School. This summer Connor will be visiting Ecuador to improve his Spanish abilities.  Connor hopes to continue his love for computers by following a career path of a computer science engineer, game developer, professional esports player, or create his own company.

Sophia Liang
Sophie Liang is an eighth-grade student with interests in chemistry and robotics. These interests have led her to join her school’s VEX IQ Robotics team, and participate in the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad exam. Other activities that Sophie enjoys are debate, math club, and piano. In her free time, she loves to play board games and hang out with friends and family. In the future, Sophie hopes to create her own company in the field of science and technology.

Justin Puno
Justin Puno is an eighth-grader whose interests include math, volleyball, and debate. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and playing games with friends and family. His favorite class has always been math, and he has also competed in numerous math competitions. Justin hopes to revisit his family in the Philippines this summer, and he plans to attend Park Tudor High School this coming fall.

Alexander Cheng
Alex Cheng is in eighth grade, he plays piano and clarinet, and many sports such as soccer, tennis, and track. He is not only a member of the Science Bowl team, but he has been a member of the Academic Bowl and History Bowl teams. He is also an active member of the debate team, student leadership council, student ambassador program, and school MATHCOUNTS team. In his free time he enjoys skiing, biking, and reading.

Owen Zhang
Owen Zhang is an eighth-grader from Sycamore School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He enjoys reading, playing video games, and studying chemistry in his free time. He also likes math and history. He participates in VEX Robotics and math as well, and his preferred college is Harvard University.