Stilwell Junior High School

Stilwell Junior High School

Bryan Bacehowski, Coach
Coach Bryan Bacehowski has taught at Stilwell Junior High for seven years, previously teaching in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin, in classrooms ranging from HEADSTART preschool to fourth grade to middle school social studies and science.  Raised in the north suburbs of Chicago, he went to college at the University of Iowa where he obtained degrees in geography, geoscience and education and participated in research analyzing tree-fall rootballs and weather patterns in Glacier National Park.  Bryan also completed an AmeriCorps program based out of Juneau, Alaska, working with youth in the Southeast Alaska Guidance Association and the Serve Alaska Youth Corps. Bryan is an avid cyclist, commuting to work regularly, competing in mountain bike and gravel races, and triathlons. He is father to a son Grant (twelve), daughter Eleanor (ten), and an adorable four year-old lab-pit mix named Toby.

Henry Fergus
Henry Fergus is a seventh-grader whose favorite subjects are math and earth and space science. In his free time, he practices trumpet and codes. In the fall of 2021, he made the South Central Iowa Honor Band. He has a beagle who is two years younger than him. Aside from school, Henry enjoys visiting his grandparents in Minnesota. Also, he made nationals in First Lego League, a coding and real-world problem solving competition.

Loren Weber
Loren Weber is an eighth-grade Science Bowl participant who is very young for his grade; thirteen to be exact. He enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Loren is in a family of four, including his sister, mom, dad and his Mini Goldendoodle named Kati. Loren's favorite subjects are math and science. Loren is planning on participating in the Iowa Science Fair next year with the help of his friends. His mom and dad are his biggest influences and have helped him prepare for the Science Bowl tremendously. Loren hopes to one day pursue a career in medicine or law.

Owen Borgstadt
Owen Borgstadt is in the eighth grade and enjoys baking, playing musical instruments, and creating with legos, cardboard, and any object around through various means. Owen enjoys learning about many animals and has been privileged to take care of many animals at his house.. He likes to spend time in wooded areas and listening to books. Owen Borgstadt enjoys math and science class as well as family consumer science. Owen would like to become a veterinarian later in life in the anesthesiology area. Owen would like to go to college at the University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin, or Iowa State University. He plays the piano, string bass, and percussion and was accepted into South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association for second chair percussion. Owen plays in the school jazz band and is very interested in music.

Peter LaMasters
Peter LaMasters is a thirteen year old eighth-grade student who is particularly interested in geology, paleontology, biology, and ecology, as well as other sciences. He runs, swims at the state level, and plays the saxophone. He has been a black belt in Karate for over three years. He also enjoys wearing his glasses so he can see and navigate around the world. Peter enjoys spending time outside and hiking.  He also plays in the school jazz band and has done so for two years. He has no idea whatsoever where he would like to go to college, but hopes to pursue a career in marine biology. However, Peter has been described to be perpetually mildly confusing to everyone around him.