Science Academy STEM Magnet

Science Academy STEM Magnet

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Ewelina Zofia Musial, Coach
This is Coach Ewelina Musial’s first year at the Science Academy STEM Magnet and she teaches seventh grade honors integrated life science. She was raised in Southern California and attended the University of California, Irvine for her B.S. in developmental and cell biology and received her master’s degree in physiology from Georgetown University. Ms. M, as the students call her, in her free time enjoys reading and trying new foods. Coach Musial plans to continue coaching Science Bowl and help with the robotic teams at the school.

Naira Badalyan
Naira Badalyan is a seventh-grade student who is ecstatic to have won the regional Science Bowl competitions in Southern California with her teammates. She still has free time though, and some of her hobbies include reading, dance, playing with an Arduino, and playing board games. Her favorite subjects come in at a three-way tie between science, math, and makerspace (electronics and programming). Naira’s future career aspirations include being a computer scientist and hardware and/or electrical engineer. She wants to work at the intersection of computer science and other scientific fields. She loves hiking, jet skiing, and zip lines.

Saket Pamidipathri
Saket Pamidipathri is an eighth-grader whose favorite classes are chemistry, physics, and math. He also enjoys teaching people who ask, and has been learning carnatic music for eight years. He is planning to either be a biochemistry professor or work in medicinal research, to cure his father’s eye problems. He also is interested in history, and geopolitics. He also has a youtube channel TheTrifecta, where he gives whiteboard explanations.

Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee is an eighth-grade student interested in mathematics and biology, specifically neurobiology. He has participated in many mathematical competitions, including the American Mathematics Competition, Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools, and MATHCOUNTS, achieving American Invitational Mathematics Examination once and getting into MATHCOUNTS State. He has participated twice in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, obtaining a national silver medal in his second year, and enjoys writing rather long science fiction pieces. When not speedrunning Campbell biology for the sixth time for the USA BioOlympiad or grinding For the Win, he enjoys listening to 80's music and playing War Thunder (albeit only on the weekends). Ryan wishes to pursue neurobiology in the future, exploring the secrets of the Brain.

Yu-Hsiang Yeh
Yu-Hsiang Yeh, an eighth-grade student of The Science Academy STEM Magnet, finds interests in competitive math, Latin, piano, and violin. He wishes to qualify for the USA Mathematics Olympiad and attain a higher seat in the orchestra he currently attends. Yet, he aspires to become a neuroscientist or perhaps a psychologist. In short, he wishes to do many things, but is limited by time. His team qualified for VEX Robotics World Championship and he completed the Royal Conservatory of Music level nine piano exam.

Eric Chung
Eric Chung is a sixth-grader at the Science Academy STEM Magnet, pursuing the career of a scientist, and he loves to study math and chemistry. His favorite sport is volleyball and he designs custom keyboards and cooks as a hobby. His favorite food is soba noodles.