Odle Middle School

Odle Middle School

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Michael O'Byrne, Coach
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Vishnu Mangipudi
Vishnu Mangipudi is an eighth-grader at Odle Middle School. He loves learning and exploring all things science, but his deepest passion lies in math, physics, and earth science. This is his third time participating in the National Science Bowl, and he has learned a lot about teamwork, strategy, and science! In his free time, he likes to sing, cook, and volunteer in his community, especially during the ongoing global pandemic. He teaches students math, earth science, and coding as well, breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand chunks. He is also the co-chair of the Youth Climate-Action Team at Bellevue Youth Link, where he helps organize collective climate-related efforts among Bellevue youth, as well as food and clothing drives. He loves playing the saxophone, tennis, and chess. Beyond the competition itself, he is also excited about finally having the opportunity (if his team qualifies) to experience pure bliss - enjoying ice cream from the ice cream machines.

Piyush Acharya
Piyush Acharya is an eighth-grade student at Odle Middle School. He is fueled by his passion for innovation and is eager to build on his academic foundations in astronomy, chemistry, and mathematics. He likes competing in STEM challenges and has received several awards, including the FIRST Lego League’s Innovative Solution Award for his work on reducing the time it takes to detect a pothole. He was also a recipient of the Distinguished Humanitarian Award and the Academic Excellence Award from his school. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, which is why he develops educational resources on his website and GitHub covering a wide range of topics including science and coding. He continues to contribute to his community by organizing fundraisers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In his spare time, he likes playing the piano, tennis, swimming, and hiking with his family. Piyush aspires to major in particle physics in college and apply it in improving everyday lives.

Aishwarya Agrawal
Aishwarya Agrawal is an eighth-grader who loves studying math, biology, and computer science. She participates in many different math and science competitions, earning many awards like  first place nationally in Math Kangaroo for four consecutive years and first place in Math Olympiad. In her free time, Aishwarya creates educational content on her channel, Brain Math Club. She also swims competitively, loves hiking and playing racket sports like tennis with her family, and has earned a black belt in Taekwondo. Additionally, she loves drawing and listening to music, some of her favorite artists include Alan Walker and Shawn Mendes. Aishwarya is excited to pursue computer science in high school. She plans to use her knowledge in science to help protect the environment and inspire more girls into STEM fields.

Aryan Agrawal
Aryan Agrawal is an eighth-grader. His favorite subjects are math, coding, and science. He regularly participates in math, science, and chess competitions, becoming a three time American Invitational Mathematics Examination qualifier and a National You Be The Chemist Challenge Winner as well as winning other regional and national competitions. In his free time, he codes Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning of games such as Snake, Chess, and Flappy Bird. He is running his YouTube Channel Brain Math Club with content on math as well as coding. His favorite game is chess, while he also loves playing racket sports like tennis and badminton. After high school, he wishes to study computer science as well as business management and entrepreneurship.

Rishabh Vakil
Rishabh Vakil is an eighth-grader whose favorite subjects at school include Spanish, social studies, math, and science. He enjoys playing all kinds of music on the trumpet, be it classical or jazz - he loves participating in the concert and jazz band programs at his school, and recently got the amazing opportunity to play music with fine musicians from across Washington State through the Washington Music Educators Association Jr. All-State program. Earth and space science has captivated Rishabh ever since he was young, and he plans to pursue this field of science later in life. Outside of school, he is also a third degree black belt in Taekwondo and has been privileged to serve the Washington Taekwondo Association for the Disabled. Rishabh loves playing badminton and exploring the Pacific Northwest through leisurely hikes with his family. He would like to pursue a career that integrates his passion for science with his desire to help solve problems.