Moore Middle School

Moore Middle School

Luke Luxford, Coach
Coach Luke Luxford is from Nebraska where he was raised on Frosted Mini Wheats, Starbursts, and ice cream.  He attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he studied how to tolerate middle school students.  He is currently in his eighth year of teaching and frequently asks himself why he ever got into teaching.  This is Coach Luxford's first year competing at the National Science Bowl.

Jay Peng
Jay Peng moved to Lincoln Nebraska in 2010. He is a diehard Denver Bronco and Denver Nuggets fan, and attended Maxey Elementary School. Now, he is an eighth-grader attending Moore Middle School.  Jay wants to enter the field of medicine or finance. He plays basketball and he is looking to make some kind of high school basketball team. Jay has also been playing the piano and the cello since he was in the first grade. Jay is looking forward to this competition.

Anish Koduri
Anish Koduri is an enchanting eighth-grader from the internationally renowned state of Nebraska. In fact, Nebraska is so renowned that it is home to a whopping three Chick-FIl-A’s. He is currently attending Moore Middle School and every day he hears moore and moore puns about it. He enjoys eating ice cream and playing tennis. Anish wants to be a doctor when he grows up because he likes helping people. This is his second year competing at the National Science Bowl.

Rikhil Jasti
Rikhil Jasti has lived in a couple of states before dwelling in Lincoln, Nebraska. Rikhil is more famously known for winning the Lincoln Public Schools Spelling Bee back to back and has gained much popularity from that astonishing achievement. This is Rikhil Jasti's first time participating in the National Science Bowl and he hopes to go all the way.

Supun Fernando
Supun Fernando is a seventh-grade student at Moore Middle School. He enjoys science and math, as well as playing his viola. Supun also partakes in the sport of basketball and holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. Supun aspires to be an engineer, but he does not know what kind yet. But for now, he is happy just being a kid.

Ayush Mishra
Ayush Mishra's favorite activity is devouring apples or playing tennis. He went to Kloefkorn Elementary School and is currently attending Moore Middle School where his favorite subjects are math, history, English, and science. He is in the eighth grade. This is Ayush's first time competing at the National Science Bowl.