Los Alamos Middle School

Los Alamos Middle School

Lindsey Fullop, Coach
Coach Lindsey Fullop has been a science teacher for over fifteen years.  Most recently she has been teaching seventh grade science.  This is Coach Fullop’s fifth year coaching Science Bowl and her fourth trip to nationals.  In her free time, Coach Fullop enjoys running, cooking, and traveling to exciting places.

Andrew Bacrania
Andrew (Drew) Bacrania is a seventh-grade student at Los Alamos Middle School. This is his first year participating in Science Bowl. Some of Andrew’s hobbies are running, messing with puzzles, and hanging out with his friends.

Jasper Carpenter
Jasper Carpenter is an eighth-grader whose favorite subjects are science and math. In his free time he likes to read, play the piano, and the trumpet. Jasper participated in FIRST Lego League for three years. His favorite foods are pork schnitzel and donuts.

John Kang
John Kang is an eighth-grader and this is his second time participating in Science Bowl. He is interested in all areas of STEM and plans to pursue a career in STEM later in life. In his free time, John also likes to run, read, and play piano. His favorite classes are science and German. He is very grateful for this opportunity to compete with his team as #top50inthenation

Alyssa Sun
Alyssa Sun is an eighth-grade student whose favorite subjects are math and science. Outside of Science Bowl, she enjoys Lincoln-Douglas style debate, programming, playing the piano, bullet journaling, fundraising, running her small business, and competitive mathematics. In 2022, she placed third in the eighth grade category of the University of New Mexico-Powering New Mexico math competition. Alyssa hopes to continue exploring STEM fields and using her voice to create a change.